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org::apache::uima::UIMA_IllegalStateException Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

Object[] getArguments ()
Throwable getCause ()
String getLocalizedMessage ()
String getLocalizedMessage (Locale aLocale)
String getMessage ()
String getMessageKey ()
String getResourceBundleName ()
synchronized Throwable initCause (Throwable cause)
 UIMA_IllegalStateException (String aMessageKey, Object[] aArguments, Throwable aCause)
 UIMA_IllegalStateException (String aResourceBundleName, String aMessageKey, Object[] aArguments)
 UIMA_IllegalStateException ()
 UIMA_IllegalStateException (String aMessageKey, Object[] aArguments)
 UIMA_IllegalStateException (String aResourceBundleName, String aMessageKey, Object[] aArguments, Throwable aCause)
 UIMA_IllegalStateException (Throwable aCause)

Static Public Attributes

static final String CANNOT_SET_CAS_MANAGER = "cannot_set_cas_manager"
static final String CAS_RELEASED_TO_WRONG_CAS_MANAGER = "cas_released_to_wrong_cas_manager"
static final String COULD_NOT_CREATE_FRAMEWORK = "could_not_create_framework"
static final String COULD_NOT_INSTANTIATE_XMLIZABLE = "could_not_instantiate_xmlizable"
static final String DEFINE_CAS_POOL_CALLED_TWICE = "define_cas_pool_called_twice"
static final String ECORE_UNRESOLVED_PROXY = "ecore_unresolved_proxy"
static final String FEATURE_NOT_FOUND_DURING_CAS_COPY = "feature_not_found_during_cas_copy"
static final String INCOMPATIBLE_TAF_JNI_LIBRARY = "incompatible_taf_jni_library"
static final String NO_DELEGATE_ANALYSIS_ENGINES = "no_delegate_analysis_engines"
static final String NO_NEXT_CAS = "no_next_cas"
static final String READ_PAST_END_OF_COLLECTION = "read_past_end_of_collection"
static final String REQUESTED_TOO_MANY_CAS_INSTANCES = "requested_too_many_cas_instances"
static final String REQUIRED_METHOD_CALL = "required_method_call"
static final String RESOURCE_ALREADY_INITIALIZED = "resource_already_initialized"
static final String STANDARD_MESSAGE_CATALOG = "org.apache.uima.UIMAException_Messages"
static final String TYPE_NOT_FOUND_DURING_CAS_COPY = "type_not_found_during_cas_copy"
static final String UIMA_ECORE_NOT_FOUND = "uima_ecore_not_found"
static final String UNSUPPORTED_CAS_INTERFACE = "unsupported_cas_interface"

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = -8081807814100358556L

Detailed Description

Signals that a method has been invoked at an illegal or inappropriate time. In other words, the object on which the method was called is not in an appropriate state for the requested operation. This extends RuntimeException and so does not need to be delcared in the throws clause of methods.

Definition at line 30 of file UIMA_IllegalStateException.java.

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