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org::apache::uima::adapter::vinci::VinciBinaryAnalysisEngineService_impl Class Reference

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class  ShutdownHook

Public Member Functions

void cleanExit ()
Transportable eval (Transportable doc) throws ServiceException
Descriptor getDescriptor ()
Transportable makeTransportable ()
void stop ()
 VinciBinaryAnalysisEngineService_impl (String serviceConfigPath, boolean debug) throws Exception
 VinciBinaryAnalysisEngineService_impl (String serviceConfigPath) throws Exception
 VinciBinaryAnalysisEngineService_impl (String serviceConfigPath, boolean debug, String instanceId) throws Exception

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String[] args)

Protected Member Functions

void start ()

Private Member Functions

Transportable analyze (AFrame aRequestFrame) throws ServiceException
Frame getMetaData () throws Exception

Static Private Member Functions

static void redirectLoggerOutput (OutputStream out)

Private Attributes

VinciServer _server = null
boolean debug = false
Descriptor descriptor = null
AnalysisEngine mAE = null
CasPool mCasPool = null
int serviceInstanceId = -1

Detailed Description

Main class for a Vinci Analysis Engine service that uses the binary CAS serialization, rather than XCAS. This class can also be used to deploy CAS Consumers as Vinci Services.

The main method takes one argument - the path to the service deployment descriptor.

Definition at line 69 of file VinciBinaryAnalysisEngineService_impl.java.

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