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org::apache::uima::analysis_engine::impl::AnalysisEngineManagementImpl Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addComponent (String key, AnalysisEngineManagementImpl component)
long getAnalysisTime ()
long getAnalysisTimeSinceMark ()
long getBatchProcessCompleteTime ()
long getBatchProcessCompleteTimeSinceMark ()
String getCASesPerSecond ()
long getCollectionProcessCompleteTime ()
long getCollectionProcessCompleteTimeSinceMark ()
Map< String,
getComponents ()
String getName ()
long getNumberOfCASesProcessed ()
long getServiceCallTime ()
long getServiceCallTimeSinceMark ()
String getUniqueMBeanName ()
void incrementCASesProcessed ()
void mark ()
void reportAnalysisTime (long time)
void reportBatchProcessCompleteTime (long time)
void reportCollectionProcessCompleteTime (long time)
void reportServiceCallTime (long time)
void resetStats ()
void setName (String aName, UimaContextAdmin aContext, String aCustomPrefix)

Static Package Attributes

static final DecimalFormat format = new DecimalFormat("0.##")

Static Private Member Functions

static String escapeValue (String value)
static String makeMBeanName (String prefix, String contextName, int depth)

Private Attributes

long analysisTime
long batchProcessCompleteTime
long collectionProcessCompleteTime
Map< String,
components = new HashMap<String, AnalysisEngineManagement>()
long markedAnalysisTime
long markedBatchProcessCompleteTime
long markedCollectionProcessCompleteTime
long markedServiceCallTime
String name
long numProcessed
long serviceCallTime
String uniqueMBeanName

Static Private Attributes

static final Pattern RESERVED_CHAR_PATTERN = Pattern.compile("[\",=:*?]")
static final long serialVersionUID = 1988620286191379887L
static Set< String > usedRootNames = new HashSet<String>()

Detailed Description

Implements Monitoring/Management interface to an AnalysisEngine.

Definition at line 38 of file AnalysisEngineManagementImpl.java.

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