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org::apache::uima::cas::ConstraintFactory Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

abstract FSMatchConstraint and (FSMatchConstraint c1, FSMatchConstraint c2)
abstract FSBooleanConstraint createBooleanConstraint ()
abstract FSFloatConstraint createFloatConstraint ()
abstract FSIntConstraint createIntConstraint ()
abstract FSStringConstraint createStringConstraint ()
abstract FSTypeConstraint createTypeConstraint ()
abstract FSMatchConstraint embedConstraint (FeaturePath path, FSConstraint constraint)
abstract FSMatchConstraint embedConstraint (ArrayList< String > path, FSConstraint constraint)
abstract FSMatchConstraint or (FSMatchConstraint c1, FSMatchConstraint c2)

Static Public Member Functions

static ConstraintFactory instance ()

Detailed Description

Methods to create org.apache.uima.cas.FSMatchConstraints for filtered iterators or other use. A constraint is an object which represents a test or a series of tests joined with "and" or "or". Each test consists of a test predicate plus an optional "path" which specifies how to walk through a chain of references, starting from a feature structure being tested, to reach the value to be tested.

Tests include

Constraints can be used by calling their "match" method, passing as an argument the value to test. If the constraint includes the "path", the argument is a feature structure; the path specifies how to reach the value to test, starting with the feature structure. Otherwise, the value to test depends on the constraint; for an org.apache.uima.cas.FSIntConstraint, for instance, the value would be an integer.

Definition at line 47 of file ConstraintFactory.java.

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