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org::apache::uima::cas::impl::CommonAuxHeap Class Reference

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Protected Attributes

final int heapBaseSize
final int heapMultLimit
int heapPos = FIRST_CELL_REF

Static Protected Attributes

static final int DEFAULT_HEAP_BASE_SIZE = 16
static final int DEFAULT_HEAP_MULT_LIMIT = 1024
static final int FIRST_CELL_REF = 1
static final int GROWTH_FACTOR = 2
static final int MIN_HEAP_BASE_SIZE = 16
static final int NULL = 0

Package Functions

 CommonAuxHeap (int heapBaseSize, int heapMultLimit)
int computeNewArraySize (int size, int needed_size, int growth_factor, int multiplication_limit)
int getSize ()
abstract void growHeapIfNeeded ()
abstract void initMemory ()
int reserve (int numCells)
void reset (boolean doFullReset)
void reset ()
abstract void resetToZeros ()

Detailed Description

Encapsulate 8, 16, and 64 bit storage for the CAS.

Definition at line 25 of file CommonAuxHeap.java.

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