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org::apache::uima::cas::impl::DebugFSLogicalStructure Class Reference

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class  IndexInfo
class  UnexpandedFeatureStructures
class  ViewInfo

Static Public Member Functions

static Object floatListToArray (FeatureStructure fs)
static Object fsListToArray (FeatureStructure fs)
static Object getDebugLogicalStructure_Features (AnnotationFS fs)
static Object getDebugLogicalStructure_FeatureStructure (FeatureStructure fs)
static FeatureStructure[] getDebugLogicalStructure_SubAnnotations (AnnotationFS fs)
static IndexInfo[] getIndexes (CAS cas)
static ViewInfo[] getOtherViews (CAS cas)
static Object integerListToArray (FeatureStructure fs)
static Object stringListToArray (FeatureStructure fs)

Static Private Member Functions

static void fillFeatures (DebugNameValuePair[] result, int startOffset, FeatureStructure fs, List< Feature > features)
static FeatureStructure[] getIndexContents (FSIterator<?extends FeatureStructure > it)
static FeatureStructure[] getIndexContents (FSIndex<?extends FeatureStructure > fsIndex)
static< T > T[] iteratorToArray (Iterator<?extends T > it, Class< T > c)
static Object loopInList (List<?> list)

Static Private Attributes

static final String[] indexKinds = { "Sorted", "Set", "Bag" }

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file DebugFSLogicalStructure.java.

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