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org::apache::uima::cas::impl::FSIndexRepositoryImpl Class Reference

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class  IndexImpl< T extends FeatureStructure >
class  IndexIteratorCachePair
class  LeafPointerIterator
class  PointerIterator

Public Member Functions

void addFS (int fsRef)
void addFS (FeatureStructure fs)
void commit ()
FSIndexComparator createComparator ()
boolean createIndex (FSIndexComparator comp, String label) throws CASAdminException
boolean createIndex (FSIndexComparator comp, String label, int indexType) throws CASAdminException
boolean createIndexNoQuestionsAsked (FSIndexComparator comp, String label, int indexType)
LinearTypeOrderBuilder createTypeSortOrder ()
void flush ()
int[] getAddedFSs ()
FSIterator< FeatureStructuregetAllIndexedFS (Type type)
LinearTypeOrderBuilder getDefaultOrderBuilder ()
LinearTypeOrder getDefaultTypeOrder ()
int[] getDeletedFSs ()
FSIndex< FeatureStructuregetIndex (String label, Type type)
FSIndex< FeatureStructuregetIndex (String label)
int[] getIndexedFSs ()
Iterator< FSIndex
< FeatureStructure > > 
getIndexes ()
int getIndexSize (Type type)
IntPointerIterator getIntIteratorForIndex (String label)
IntPointerIterator getIntIteratorForIndex (String label, Type type)
Iterator< String > getLabels ()
Iterator< String > getLabels (FSIndexComparator comp)
int[] getReindexedFSs ()
boolean isCommitted ()
boolean isModified ()
void ll_addFS (int fsRef)
final void ll_addFS (int fsRef, boolean doChecks)
LowLevelIndex ll_getIndex (String indexName)
LowLevelIndex ll_getIndex (String indexName, int typeCode)
void ll_removeFS (int fsRef)
void removeFS (FeatureStructure fs)
void removeFS (int fsRef)

Static Public Attributes

static final int DEFAULT_INDEX_SIZE = 100

Package Functions

IntPointerIterator createPointerIterator (IndexIteratorCachePair iicp)
IntPointerIterator createPointerIterator (IndexIteratorCachePair iicp, int fs)
 FSIndexRepositoryImpl (CASImpl cas, FSIndexRepositoryImpl baseIndexRepo)
 FSIndexRepositoryImpl (CASImpl cas)
void setDefaultTypeOrder (LinearTypeOrder order)

Package Attributes

int[] detectIllegalIndexUpdates

Private Member Functions

IndexIteratorCachePair addNewIndex (FSIndexComparator comparator, int indexType)
IndexIteratorCachePair addNewIndex (FSIndexComparator comparator, int initialSize, int indexType)
IndexIteratorCachePair addNewIndexRec (FSIndexComparator comparator, int indexType)
IndexIteratorCachePair addNewIndexRecursive (FSIndexComparator comparator, int indexType)
final void getAllIndexedFS (Type type, List< FSIterator< FeatureStructure >> iteratorList)
void incrementIllegalIndexUpdateDetector (int typeCode)
void init ()
void logIndexOperation (int fsRef, boolean added)
void processIndexUpdates ()

Static Private Member Functions

static final void addAllSubsumedTypes (Type t, TypeSystem ts, ArrayList< Type > v)
static final int findIndex (ArrayList< IndexIteratorCachePair > indexes, FSIndexComparator comp)
static final ArrayList< TypegetAllSubsumedTypes (Type t, TypeSystem ts)
static final String getAutoIndexNameForType (Type type)

Private Attributes

CASImpl cas
LinearTypeOrderBuilder defaultOrderBuilder = null
LinearTypeOrder defaultTypeOrder = null
IntSet fsAddedToIndex
IntSet fsDeletedFromIndex
IntSet fsReindexed
< IndexIteratorCachePair >[] 
BitSet indexUpdateOperation
IntVector indexUpdates
boolean[] isUsed
boolean locked = false
boolean logProcessed
HashMap< String,
TypeSystemImpl typeSystem
IntVector usedIndexes

Detailed Description

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