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org::apache::uima::cas::impl::FeaturePathValue Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

boolean getBooleanValue ()
byte getByteValue ()
double getDoubleValue ()
Type getFeatureType ()
float getFloatValue ()
FeatureStructure getFs ()
int getIntValue ()
long getLongValue ()
short getShortValue ()
String getStringValue ()
int getTypeClass ()
void setBooleanValue (boolean booleanValue)
void setByteValue (byte byteValue)
void setDoubleValue (double doubleValue)
void setFeatureType (Type featureType)
void setFloatValue (float floatValue)
void setFs (int fsRef, LowLevelCAS llCas)
void setIntValue (int intValue)
void setLongValue (long longValue)
void setShortValue (short shortValue)
void setStringValue (String stringValue)
void setTypeClass (int typeClass)

Private Attributes

boolean booleanValue = false
byte byteValue = 0
double doubleValue = 0.0
Type featureType = null
int featureTypeClass = 0
float floatValue = 0.0f
int fsRef = LowLevelCAS.NULL_FS_REF
int intValue = 0
LowLevelCAS llCas = null
long longValue = 0
short shortValue = 0
String stringValue = null

Detailed Description

internal FeaturePathValue class. The class is used to internally handle the featurePath value. The class has members for each CAS type.

Definition at line 1011 of file FeaturePathImpl.java.

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