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org::apache::uima::cas::impl::ListUtils Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

int createFloatList (List< String > stringValues)
int createFsList (List< String > stringValues, IntVector fsAddresses)
int createIntList (List< String > stringValues)
int createStringList (List< String > stringValues)
String[] floatListToStringArray (int addr) throws SAXException
int[] fsListToAddressArray (int addr) throws SAXException
String[] fsListToXmiIdStringArray (int addr, XmiSerializationSharedData sharedData) throws SAXException
int getLength (int type, int addr)
String[] intListToStringArray (int addr) throws SAXException
boolean isFloatListType (int type)
boolean isFsListType (int type)
boolean isIntListType (int type)
boolean isListType (int type)
boolean isStringListType (int type)
 ListUtils (CASImpl aCASImpl, Logger aLogger, ErrorHandler aErrorHandler)
String[] stringListToStringArray (int addr) throws SAXException
int updateFloatList (int addr, List< String > stringValues) throws SAXException
int updateFsList (int addr, List< String > stringValues, IntVector fsAddresses) throws SAXException
int updateIntList (int addr, List< String > stringValues) throws SAXException
int updateStringList (int addr, List< String > stringValues) throws SAXException

Package Attributes

CASImpl cas

Private Member Functions

void reportWarning (String message) throws SAXException

Private Attributes

int eFloatListType
int eFsListType
ErrorHandler eh
int eIntListType
int eStringListType
int floatHeadFeat
int floatListType
int floatTailFeat
int fsHeadFeat
int fsListType
int fsTailFeat
int intHeadFeat
int intListType
int intTailFeat
Logger logger
int neFloatListType
int neFsListType
int neIntListType
int neStringListType
int stringHeadFeat
int stringListType
int stringTailFeat

Detailed Description

Utilities for dealing with CAS List types.

Definition at line 41 of file ListUtils.java.

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