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org::apache::uima::cas::impl::MarkerImpl Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

boolean isModified (FeatureStructure fs)
boolean isNew (FeatureStructure fs)
boolean isValid ()

Protected Attributes

boolean isValid
int nextByteHeapAddr
int nextFSId
int nextLongHeapAddr
int nextShortHeapAddr
int nextStringHeapAddr

Package Functions

boolean isModified (int addr)
boolean isNew (int addr)
 MarkerImpl (int nextFSAddr, int nextStringHeapAddr, int nextByteHeapAddr, int nextShortHeapAddr, int nextLongHeapAddr, CASImpl cas)

Package Attributes

CASImpl cas

Detailed Description

A MarkerImpl holds a high-water "mark" in the CAS, for all views. Typically, one is obtained via the createMarker call on a CAS.

Currently only one marker is used per CAS. The Marker enables testing on each CAS update if the update is "below" or "above" the marker - this is used for implementing delta serialization, in which only the changed data is sent.

Definition at line 38 of file MarkerImpl.java.

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