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org::apache::uima::cas::impl::TypeSystemImpl Class Reference

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class  ListIterator< T >

Public Member Functions

Feature addFeature (String featureName, Type domainType, Type rangeType) throws CASAdminException
Feature addFeature (String featureName, Type domainType, Type rangeType, boolean multipleReferencesAllowed) throws CASAdminException
Type addStringSubtype (String typeName, String[] stringList) throws CASAdminException
Type addTopType (String name)
Type addType (String typeName, Type mother) throws CASAdminException
void commit ()
boolean directlySubsumes (int t1, int t2)
Type getArrayType (Type componentType)
Vector< TypegetDirectlySubsumedTypes (Type type)
List< TypegetDirectSubtypes (Type type)
Feature getFeature (String featureName)
Feature getFeatureByFullName (String featureName)
Iterator< FeaturegetFeatures ()
Vector< FeaturegetIntroFeatures (Type type)
final int getLargestTypeCode ()
LowLevelTypeSystem getLowLevelTypeSystem ()
int getNumberOfFeatures ()
int getNumberOfTypes ()
Type getParent (Type t)
List< TypegetProperlySubsumedTypes (Type type)
String[] getStringSet (int i)
Type getTopType ()
Type getType (String typeName)
Iterator< TypegetTypeIterator ()
TypeNameSpace getTypeNameSpace (String name)
int intro (int feat)
boolean isApprop (int type, int feat)
boolean isCommitted ()
boolean isType (int type)
int[] ll_getAppropriateFeatures (int type)
int ll_getArrayType (int componentTypeCode)
int ll_getCodeForFeature (Feature feature)
int ll_getCodeForFeatureName (String featureName)
int ll_getCodeForType (Type type)
int ll_getCodeForTypeName (String typeName)
int ll_getComponentType (int arrayTypeCode)
int ll_getDomainType (int featureCode)
Feature ll_getFeatureForCode (int featureCode)
int ll_getParentType (int typeCode)
int ll_getRangeType (int featureCode)
String[] ll_getStringSet (int typeCode)
final int ll_getTypeClass (int typeCode)
Type ll_getTypeForCode (int typeCode)
boolean ll_isArrayType (int typeCode)
boolean ll_isPrimitiveType (int typeCode)
boolean ll_isRefType (int typeCode)
boolean ll_isStringSubtype (int type)
boolean ll_isValidTypeCode (int typeCode)
boolean ll_subsumes (int superType, int type)
int range (int feat)
void setFeatureFinal (Type type)
void setInheritanceFinal (Type type)
boolean subsumes (Type superType, Type subType)
boolean subsumes (int superType, int type)
String toString ()
 TypeSystemImpl (CASImpl cas)
int unify (int t1, int t2)

Public Attributes

int annotSofaFeatCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
int sofaNumFeatCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE

Static Public Attributes

static final char FEATURE_SEPARATOR = ':'
static final char NAMESPACE_SEPARATOR = '.'
static final int UNKNOWN_FEATURE_CODE = 0

Package Functions

int addArrayType (Type componentType, Type mother)
int addFeature (String shortName, int domain, int range, boolean multiRefsAllowed)
int addFeature (String shortName, int domain, int range)
int addType (String name, int superType)
int addType (String name, int superType, boolean isStringType)
int getFeatureOffset (int feat)
final int getSmallestFeature ()
final int getSmallestType ()
final int getTypeArraySize ()
SymbolTable getTypeNameST ()
final void initTypeVariables ()
final boolean isFeature (int featureCode)
int ll_addArrayType (int componentTypeCode, int motherCode)
int ll_computeArrayParentFromComponentType (int componentType)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]
 [static initializer]
static final String getArrayComponentName (String arrayTypeName)
static boolean isArrayTypeNameButNotBuiltIn (String typeName)

Package Attributes

TypeImpl annotBaseType
int annotBaseTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
TypeImpl annotType
int annotTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
boolean areBuiltInTypesSetup = false
TypeImpl arrayBaseType
int arrayBaseTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
TypeImpl booleanArrayType
int booleanArrayTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
TypeImpl booleanType
int booleanTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
TypeImpl byteArrayType
int byteArrayTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
TypeImpl byteType
int byteTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
final CASMetadata casMetadata
TypeImpl docType
TypeImpl doubleArrayType
int doubleArrayTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
TypeImpl doubleType
int doubleTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
FeatureImpl endFeat
int endFeatCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
TypeImpl floatArrayType
int floatArrayTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
TypeImpl floatType
int floatTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
TypeImpl fsArrayType
int fsArrayTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
TypeImpl intArrayType
int intArrayTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
TypeImpl intType
int intTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
FeatureImpl langFeat
int langFeatCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
TypeImpl longArrayType
int longArrayTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
TypeImpl longType
int longTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
TypeImpl shortArrayType
int shortArrayTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
TypeImpl shortType
int shortTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
int sofaArrayFeatCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
int sofaIdFeatCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
int sofaMimeFeatCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
FeatureImpl sofaNum
TypeImpl sofaType
int sofaTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
int sofaUriFeatCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
FeatureImpl startFeat
int startFeatCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
TypeImpl stringArrayType
int stringArrayTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE
TypeImpl stringType
int stringTypeCode = LowLevelTypeSystem.UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE

Static Package Attributes

static final int UNKNOWN_TYPE_CODE = 0

Private Member Functions

void addSubsubsumption (int superType, int type)
int addTopTypeInternal (String name)
void checkFeatureNameSyntax (String name) throws CASAdminException
void checkTypeSyntax (String name) throws CASAdminException
final String getFeatureString (Feature f)
final int getLargestFeatureCode ()
final String getTypeString (Type t)
final void initTypeCodeVars ()
boolean ll_isPrimitiveArrayType (int type)
void newType ()
void updateSubsumption (int type, int superType)

Static Private Member Functions

static final String getArrayTypeName (String typeName)
static final String getBuiltinArrayComponent (String typeName)

Private Attributes

ArrayList< IntVectorapprop
final RedBlackTree< TypeImplarrayCodeToTypeMap
final IntRedBlackTree arrayToComponentTypeMap
final IntRedBlackTree componentToArrayTypeMap
IntVector featRange
StringToIntMap featureMap
SymbolTable featureNameST
List< Featurefeatures
IntVector intro
boolean locked = false
int numCommittedTypes = 0
final IntVector parents
final IntRedBlackTree stringSetMap
final List< String[]> stringSets
List< BitSet > subsumes
int top
List< IntVectortree
SymbolTable typeNameST
List< Typetypes

Static Private Attributes

static Map< String, String > arrayComponentTypeNameMap = new HashMap<String, String>()
static Map< String, String > arrayTypeComponentNameMap = new HashMap<String, String>()
static final String arrayTypeSuffix = "[]"
static final int LEAST_FEATURE_CODE = 1
static final int LEAST_TYPE_CODE = 1

Detailed Description

Type system implementation.

Definition at line 49 of file TypeSystemImpl.java.

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