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org::apache::uima::cas::impl::UnambiguousIteratorImpl< T extends AnnotationFS > Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

FSIterator< T > copy ()
get () throws NoSuchElementException
boolean isValid ()
void moveTo (FeatureStructure fs)
void moveToFirst ()
void moveToLast ()
void moveToNext ()
void moveToPrevious ()
 UnambiguousIteratorImpl (FSIterator< T > it, final int start, final int end, final boolean strict)
 UnambiguousIteratorImpl (FSIterator< T > it)

Private Member Functions

final Comparator
< FeatureStructure
getAnnotationComparator (FeatureStructure fs)
void initUnambiguousSubiterator (FSIterator< T > it, final int start, final int end, final boolean strict)

Private Attributes

Comparator< FeatureStructureannotationComparator
ArrayList< T > list
int pos

Detailed Description

Implementation of the unambiguous iterators.

Warning: this implementation creates a copy of the collection, so changes in the underlying collection are not reflected by this iterator.

Definition at line 40 of file UnambiguousIteratorImpl.java.

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