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DefaultHandler org::apache::uima::cas::impl::XCASDeserializer::getXCASHandler ( CAS  cas ) [inline]

Create a default handler for deserializing an XCAS into the cas parameter.

Warning: for efficiency reasons, the deserializer does not do much type checking for features and their values. It is expected that the incoming XCAS conforms to the type system provided. If it doesn't, the results are undefined.

casThis CAS will be used to hold the data of the serialized XCAS.
The DefaultHandler to pass to the SAX parser.

Definition at line 1109 of file XCASDeserializer.java.

Referenced by org::apache::uima::tools::cvd::control::XCASFileOpenEventHandler::actionPerformed(), org::apache::uima::collection::impl::CasConverter::casDataToCasContainer(), deserialize(), org::apache::uima::test::junit_extension::AnnotatorTester::getCASfromXCAS(), and org::apache::uima::caseditor::editor::DocumentUimaImpl::setContent().

    return getXCASHandler(cas, null);

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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