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org::apache::uima::cas::impl::XCASSerializer::XCASDocSerializer Class Reference

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Package Attributes

Vector< IntVectordupVectors
int numDuplicates

Private Member Functions

void addAttribute (AttributesImpl attrs, String attrName, String attrValue)
void addText (String text) throws SAXException
final int classifyType (int type)
final int containsKeyValuePair (IntRedBlackTree rbt, int key, int value)
void encodeFeatures (int addr, AttributesImpl attrs)
void encodeFS (int addr, IntVector indexRep) throws IOException, SAXException
void encodeFSArray (int addr, AttributesImpl attrs) throws SAXException
void encodeIndexed () throws IOException, SAXException
void encodeOutOfTypeSystemFeatures (int addr, AttributesImpl attrs)
void encodePrimitiveTypeArrayFS (String[] data, String typeName, AttributesImpl attrs) throws SAXException
void encodeQueued () throws IOException, SAXException
void endElement (String tag) throws SAXException
boolean enqueue (int addr)
void enqueueFeatures (int addr, int heapValue)
void enqueueFeaturesOfIndexed ()
void enqueueFSArray (int addr)
void enqueueIndexed (int addr, int indexRep)
void enqueueIndexed ()
void enqueueOutOfTypeSystemData (OutOfTypeSystemData aData)
void enqueueOutOfTypeSystemFeatures (int addr)
final String getTypeName (int addr)
int isQueued (int addr, int value)
boolean isValidXmlChar (char c)
String replaceInvalidXmlChars (String aString)
void serialize (boolean encodeDoc, OutOfTypeSystemData outOfTypeSystemData) throws IOException, SAXException
void serializeOutOfTypeSystemData (OutOfTypeSystemData aData) throws SAXException
void startElement (String tag, Attributes attrs, int num) throws SAXException
 XCASDocSerializer (ContentHandler ch, CASImpl cas)

Private Attributes

CASImpl cas
ContentHandler ch
IntRedBlackTree duplicates
final AttributesImpl emptyAttrs = new AttributesImpl()
int fsCount = 0
IntVector indexedFSs
IntVector indexReps
OutOfTypeSystemData mOutOfTypeSystemData
IntStack queue
IntRedBlackTree queued
int sofaTypeCode
AttributesImpl workAttrs = new AttributesImpl()

Static Private Attributes

static final String cdataType = "CDATA"
static final int INVALID_INDEX = -3
static final int KEY_AND_VALUE_MATCH = 1
static final int KEY_NOT_FOUND = 0
static final int KEY_ONLY_MATCH = -1
static final int MULTIPLY_INDEXED = -2
static final int NOT_INDEXED = -1

Detailed Description

Use an inner class to hold the data for serializing a CAS. Each call to serialize() creates its own instance.

Definition at line 63 of file XCASSerializer.java.

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