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org::apache::uima::cas::impl::XmiCasDeserializer::XmiCasDeserializerHandler Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void characters (char[] chars, int start, int length) throws SAXException
void endDocument () throws SAXException
void endElement (String nsURI, String localName, String qualifiedName) throws SAXException
void error (SAXParseException e) throws SAXException
void fatalError (SAXParseException e) throws SAXException
void ignorableWhitespace (char[] arg0, int arg1, int arg2) throws SAXException
void setDocumentLocator (Locator loc)
void startDocument () throws SAXException
void startElement (String nameSpaceURI, String localName, String qualifiedName, Attributes attrs) throws SAXException
void warning (SAXParseException e) throws SAXException

Package Functions

boolean isAllWhitespace (StringBuffer b)

Package Attributes

AllowPreexistingFS allowPreexistingFS
boolean disallowedViewMemberEncountered
IntVector featsSeen = null
boolean lenient

Private Member Functions

void addFsAddrXmiIdMapping (int fsAddr, int xmiId)
void addNonsharedFSToEncompassingFSMapping (int nonsharedFS, int encompassingFS)
void addOutOfTypeSystemFeature (OotsElementData ootsElem, String featName, List< String > featVals)
void addToOutOfTypeSystemData (XmlElementName xmlElementName, Attributes attrs) throws XCASParsingException
final int classifyType (int type)
int createArray (int arrayType, List< String > values, int xmiId, int addr)
int createByteArray (String hexString, int xmiId, int addr)
XCASParsingException createException (int code)
XCASParsingException createException (int code, String arg)
int createNewArray (int arrayType, List< String > values)
final boolean emptyVal (String val)
void finalizeArray (int type, int addr) throws SAXParseException
void finalizeFS (int addr) throws SAXParseException
int getFsAddrForXmiId (int xmiId)
int handleFeature (final Type type, int addr, String featName, List< String > featVals) throws SAXException
int handleFeature (final Type type, int addr, String featName, String featVal, boolean newFS) throws SAXException
void handleFeature (int addr, int featCode, String featVal) throws SAXException
void handleFeature (int addr, int featCode, List< String > featVals) throws SAXException
byte hexCharToByte (char c)
boolean isNewFS (int id)
String[] parseArray (String val)
void processView (String sofa, String addmembersString, String delmemberString, String reindexmemberString) throws SAXParseException
void processView (String sofa, String membersString) throws SAXParseException
void readFS (final int addr, Attributes attrs) throws SAXException
void readFS (String nameSpaceURI, String localName, String qualifiedName, Attributes attrs) throws SAXException
void remapFSListHeads (int addr) throws SAXParseException
final void resetBuffer ()
void updateExistingArray (int arrayType, List< String > values, int casArray)
 XmiCasDeserializerHandler (CASImpl aCAS, boolean lenient, XmiSerializationSharedData sharedData, int mergePoint, AllowPreexistingFS allowPreexistingFS)

Private Attributes

StringBuffer buffer
CASImpl casBeingFilled
int currentAddr
List< String > currentArrayElements
int currentArrayId
TypeImpl currentType
IntVector deserializedFsAddrs
int[] featureType
IntVector fsListNodesFromMultivaluedProperties
String ID_ATTR_NAME = "xmi:id"
int ignoreDepth = 0
List< FSIndexRepositoryindexRepositories
ListUtils listUtils
RedBlackTree< Integer > localXmiIdToFsAddrMap = new RedBlackTree<Integer>()
Locator locator
int mergePoint
Map< String, List< String > > multiValuedFeatures = new TreeMap<String, List<String>>()
int nextSofaNum
Map< String, String > nsPrefixToUriMap = new HashMap<String, String>()
OotsElementData outOfTypeSystemElement = null
XmiSerializationSharedData sharedData
int sofaFeatCode
int sofaNumFeatCode
int sofaTypeCode
int state
List< CASviews

Static Private Attributes

static final int DOC_STATE = 0
static final int FEAT_CONTENT_STATE = 3
static final int FEAT_STATE = 2
static final int FS_STATE = 1
static final int IGNORING_XMI_ELEMENTS_STATE = 4
static final int REF_FEAT_STATE = 5
static final String unknownXMLSource = "<unknown>"

Detailed Description

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