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org::apache::uima::cas::impl::XmiCasSerializer::XmiCasDocSerializer Class Reference

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Package Attributes

boolean isDelta
boolean isFiltering

Private Member Functions

void addAttribute (AttributesImpl attrs, String attrName, String attrValue)
void addText (String text) throws SAXException
String arrayToString (int addr, int arrayType) throws SAXException
final int classifyType (int type)
void computeNamespaceDeclarationAttrs (AttributesImpl workAttrs2)
List< XmlElementNameAndContentsencodeFeatures (int addr, AttributesImpl attrs, boolean insideListNode) throws SAXException
void encodeFS (int addr) throws SAXException
void encodeIndexed () throws SAXException
void encodeQueued () throws SAXException
void endElement (XmlElementName name) throws SAXException
void enqueue (int addr) throws SAXException
void enqueueFeatures (int addr, int typeCode) throws SAXException
void enqueueFeaturesOfIndexed () throws SAXException
void enqueueFSArrayElements (int addr) throws SAXException
void enqueueFSListElements (int addr) throws SAXException
void enqueueIncoming ()
void enqueueIndexed ()
void enqueueIndexedFs (int addr)
void enqueueNonsharedMultivaluedFS ()
String getUniqueString (String s)
String getXmiId (int addr)
void initTypeAndNamespaceMappings ()
boolean isVisited (int addr)
String listToString (int addr, int arrayType) throws SAXException
void reportWarning (String message) throws SAXException
void sendElementEvents (List<?extends XmlElementNameAndContents > elements) throws SAXException
void serialize () throws SAXException
void serializeOutOfTypeSystemElements () throws SAXException
void startElement (XmlElementName name, Attributes attrs, int aNumChildren) throws SAXException
void stringArrayToElementList (String featName, int addr, List<?super XmlElementNameAndContents > resultList) throws SAXException
XmlElementName uimaTypeName2XmiElementName (String uimaTypeName)
void writeNullObject () throws SAXException
void writeView (String sofaXmiId, int[] added, int[] deleted, int[] reindexed) throws SAXException
void writeView (String sofaXmiId, int[] members) throws SAXException
void writeViews () throws SAXException
 XmiCasDocSerializer (ContentHandler ch, ErrorHandler eh, CASImpl cas, XmiSerializationSharedData sharedData, MarkerImpl marker)

Private Attributes

IntRedBlackTree arrayAndListFSs
CASImpl cas
ContentHandler ch
ErrorHandler eh = null
final AttributesImpl emptyAttrs = new AttributesImpl()
int fsCount = 0
IntVector indexedFSs
ListUtils listUtils
MarkerImpl marker
Set< String > nsPrefixesUsed = new HashSet<String>()
Map< String, String > nsUriToPrefixMap = new HashMap<String, String>()
IntStack queue
XmiSerializationSharedData sharedData
Map< String, String > uniqueStrings = new HashMap<String, String>()
IntRedBlackTree visited
AttributesImpl workAttrs = new AttributesImpl()
XmlElementName[] xmiTypeNames

Static Private Attributes

static final String cdataType = "CDATA"

Detailed Description

Use an inner class to hold the data for serializing a CAS. Each call to serialize() creates its own instance.

Definition at line 108 of file XmiCasSerializer.java.

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