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org::apache::uima::cas::impl::XmiSerializationSharedData Class Reference

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class  OotsElementData
class  XmiArrayElement

Public Member Functions

void addNonsharedRefToFSMapping (int nonsharedFSAddr, int fsAddr)
void addOutOfTypeSystemArrayElement (int addr, int index, int xmiId)
void addOutOfTypeSystemAttribute (int addr, String featName, String featVal)
void addOutOfTypeSystemChildElements (int addr, String featName, List< String > featVals)
void addOutOfTypeSystemElement (OotsElementData elemData)
void addOutOfTypeSystemViewMember (String sofaXmiId, String memberXmiId)
void clearIdMap ()
int[] getAllFsAddressesInIdMap ()
int getEncompassingFS (int nonsharedFS)
int getFsAddrForXmiId (int xmiId)
int getMaxXmiId ()
int[] getNonsharedMulitValuedFSs ()
List< XmiArrayElementgetOutOfTypeSystemArrayElements (int addr)
List< OotsElementDatagetOutOfTypeSystemElements ()
OotsElementData getOutOfTypeSystemFeatures (int addr)
List< String > getOutOfTypeSystemViewMembers (String sofaXmiId)
String toString ()

Package Functions

void addIdMapping (int fsAddr, int xmiId)
void checkForDups ()
String getXmiId (int fsAddr)

Package Attributes

RedBlackTree< Integer > nonsharedfeatureIdToFSId = new RedBlackTree<Integer>()

Private Attributes

RedBlackTree< String > fsAddrToXmiIdMap = new RedBlackTree<String>()
int maxXmiId = 0
Map< Integer, List
< XmiArrayElement > > 
ootsArrayElements = new HashMap<Integer, List<XmiArrayElement>>()
Map< Integer, OotsElementDataootsFeatures = new HashMap<Integer, OotsElementData>()
List< OotsElementDataootsFs = new ArrayList<OotsElementData>()
Map< String, List< String > > ootsViewMembers = new HashMap<String, List<String>>()
RedBlackTree< Integer > xmiIdToFsAddrMap = new RedBlackTree<Integer>()

Detailed Description

A container for data that is shared between the XmiCasSerializer and the XmiCasDeserializer. This has a number of uses:

Definition at line 57 of file XmiSerializationSharedData.java.

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