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org::apache::uima::cas::test::IndexComparitorTest Class Reference

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class  SetupForIndexCompareTesting

Public Member Functions

 IndexComparitorTest (String arg0)
void setUp () throws Exception
void tearDown ()
void testCompare () throws Exception

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String[] args)

Package Attributes

CAS cas
FeatureStructure fss [][][]
Type integerType
FSIndexRepository ir
FSIndexRepositoryMgr irm
FSIndex< FeatureStructuresortedType1
FSIndex< FeatureStructuresortedType1TypeOrder
Type topType
TypeSystem ts
Type type1
Feature type1Ignored
Type type1Sub1
Feature type1Sub1Ignored
Feature type1Sub1Used
Type type1Sub2
Feature type1Sub2Ignored
Feature type1Sub2Used
Feature type1Used

Private Member Functions

FeatureStructure createFs (Type type, int i, int j)

Private Attributes

FSIndex< FeatureStructurebagType1
FSIndex< FeatureStructurebagType1Sub1
FSIndex< FeatureStructurebagType1Sub1TypeOrder
FSIndex< FeatureStructurebagType1TypeOrder
FSIndex< FeatureStructuresetType1
FSIndex< FeatureStructuresetType1Sub1
FSIndex< FeatureStructuresetType1Sub1TypeOrder
FSIndex< FeatureStructuresetType1TypeOrder
FSIndex< FeatureStructuresortedType1Sub1
FSIndex< FeatureStructuresortedType1Sub1TypeOrder

Detailed Description

Test the variations possible for index compare functions

Definition at line 44 of file IndexComparitorTest.java.

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