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org::apache::uima::caseditor::core::model::DotCorpusElement Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addCasProcessorFolder (String folder)
void addCorpusFolder (String name)
void addShownType (String type)
boolean equals (Object object)
INlpElement findMember (IResource resource)
Object getAdapter (Class adapter)
AnnotationStyle getAnnotation (Type type)
Collection< IFolder > getCasProcessorFolders ()
Collection< IFolder > getCorpusFolderNameList ()
int getEditorLineLengthHint ()
String getName ()
NlpProject getNlpProject ()
INlpElement getParent ()
INlpElement getParent (IResource resource) throws CoreException
IResource getResource ()
Collection< String > getShownTypes ()
IFile getTypeSystemFile ()
int hashCode ()
boolean isCasProcessorFolder (IFolder folder)
boolean isCorpusFolder (IFolder folder)
boolean isTypeSystemFile (IFile file)
void removeCasProcessorFolder (String name)
void removeCorpusFolder (IFolder folder)
void removeShownType (String type)
void removeStyle (String name)
void serialize () throws CoreException
void setEditorLineLengthHint (int lineLengthHint)
void setStyle (AnnotationStyle style)
void setTypeSystemFilename (String filename)
String toString ()

Package Functions

void addResource (INlpElementDelta delta, IResource resource)
void changedResource (IResource resource, INlpElementDelta delta) throws CoreException
Collection< AnnotationStylegetAnnotationStyles ()
void removeResource (INlpElementDelta delta, IResource resource)

Static Package Functions

static DotCorpusElement createDotCorpus (final IFile file, NlpProject project)

Private Member Functions

 DotCorpusElement (IFile resource, NlpProject nlpProject)
IFile getFile (String name)
IFolder getFolder (String name)

Private Attributes

DotCorpus mDotCorpus
NlpProject mNlpProject
IFile mResource

Detailed Description

The DotCorpus is responsible to load/store the project dependent configuration. It has several methods to set and retrieve configuration parameters.

Definition at line 45 of file DotCorpusElement.java.

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