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org::apache::uima::caseditor::core::model::NlpModel Class Reference

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class  AbstractEventHandler
class  AddHandler
class  ChangedHandler
class  DefaultEventHandler
class  RemoveHandler
class  ResourceChangeListener

Public Member Functions

void addNlpModelChangeListener (INlpModelChangeListener listener)
void asyncExcuteQueue (Runnable worker)
void destroyForTesting ()
INlpElement findMember (IResource resource)
Object getAdapter (Class adapter)
String getName ()
NlpProject getNlpProject ()
NlpProject[] getNlpProjects ()
IProject[] getNonNlpProjects () throws CoreException
INlpElement getParent ()
INlpElement getParent (IResource resource) throws CoreException
IResource getResource ()
boolean isNlpElement (IResource resource)
 NlpModel () throws CoreException
void removeNlpModelChangeListener (INlpModelChangeListener listener)
String toString ()

Package Functions

void addInternal (INlpElementDelta delta, IResource resource)
void addResource (INlpElementDelta delta, IResource resource) throws CoreException
void changedResource (IResource resource, INlpElementDelta delta) throws CoreException
void changeInternal (INlpElementDelta delta)
void createModelSynchronizer ()
void fireRefreshEvent (INlpElement element)
void removeInternal (INlpElementDelta delta, IResource resource)
void removeResource (INlpElementDelta delta, IResource resource)

Private Member Functions

void createNlpProject (IProject project) throws CoreException
void createNlpProjects () throws CoreException
void handleExceptionDuringResoruceChange (CoreException e)

Private Attributes

ExecutorService mAsynchronExecutor
ResourceChangeListener mListener
Set< INlpModelChangeListenermModelChangeListeners
List< NlpProjectmNlpProjects
IWorkspaceRoot mWorkspaceRoot

Detailed Description

The root element of nlp workbench. Contains NLPProjects Contains IProject s

Definition at line 50 of file NlpModel.java.

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