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org::apache::uima::caseditor::editor::editview::EditViewPage Class Reference

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class  CreateFeatureStructrueValue
class  DeleteFeatureStructureValue
class  PinAction
class  ValueEditingSupport

Public Member Functions

void createControl (Composite parent)
void dispose ()
Control getControl ()
void init (IPageSite pageSite)
void selectionChanged (IWorkbenchPart part, ISelection selection)
void setActionBars (IActionBars actionBars)
void setFocus ()

Package Functions

 EditViewPage (EditView editView, ICasEditor editor, ICasDocument document)

Private Attributes

ICasDocument document
ICasEditor editor
final EditView editView
PinAction pinAction
TreeViewer viewer

Detailed Description

The EditViewPage provides basic editing support for FeatureStructures. It shows always the selected FeatureStructure, but for editing a certain FeatureStructure can be pinned to the view (selection updates disabled).

For editing the Features of the FeatureStructure are shown in a tree with two columns. The values of the Feature can be changed with cell editors.

Note: Lists type are currently not supported

Definition at line 100 of file EditViewPage.java.

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