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org::apache::uima::caseditor::editor::outline::AnnotationTreeNodeList Class Reference

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Package Functions

void add (AnnotationTreeNode node)
 AnnotationTreeNodeList (ICasDocument document)
 AnnotationTreeNodeList (ICasDocument document, Collection< AnnotationFS > annotations)
void buildTree ()
List< AnnotationTreeNodegetElements ()
void remove (AnnotationTreeNode node)

Private Attributes

ICasDocument mDocument
List< AnnotationTreeNodemElements = new ArrayList<AnnotationTreeNode>()

Detailed Description

The AnnotationTreeNodeList class can build a tree of AnnotationTreeNode objects.

Currently this is not used, because it slows down the Cas Editor UI if the document contains to many annotations.

TODO: Rename this class

Definition at line 39 of file AnnotationTreeNodeList.java.

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