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org::apache::uima::caseditor::editor::outline::TypeGroupedContentProvider Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void added (Collection< FeatureStructure > structres)
void added (FeatureStructure newAnnotation)
void changed ()
void dispose ()
Object[] getChildren (Object parentElement)
Object[] getElements (Object inputElement)
Object getParent (Object element)
boolean hasChildren (Object element)
void inputChanged (Viewer viewer, Object oldInput, Object newInput)
void removed (Collection< FeatureStructure > structres)
void removed (FeatureStructure deletedAnnotation)
void updated (FeatureStructure annotation)
void updated (Collection< FeatureStructure > structres)

Protected Member Functions

void addedAnnotation (Collection< AnnotationFS > annotations)
void removedAnnotation (Collection< AnnotationFS > annotations)
void updatedAnnotation (Collection< AnnotationFS > featureStructres)

Protected Attributes

AnnotationEditor mEditor
ICasDocument mInputDocument
TreeViewer viewer

Package Functions

 TypeGroupedContentProvider (AnnotationEditor editor, TreeViewer viewer)

Private Attributes

Map< String,

Detailed Description

The content provider for the type grouped annotation outline.

TODO: Make it sensitive to show annotations menu from the editor ... Who sends selection events which are not from the UI thread ?

Definition at line 47 of file TypeGroupedContentProvider.java.

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