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org::apache::uima::collection::impl::cpm::CpmCasConsumer_ErrorTest Class Reference

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class  CollectionReaderStatusCallbackListener

Public Member Functions

void testInitializeWithNullPointerException () throws Exception
void testInitializeWithOutOfMemoryError () throws Exception
void testInitializeWithResourceInitializationException () throws Exception
void testProcessCasWithIOException () throws Exception
void testProcessCasWithNullPointerException () throws Exception
void testProcessCasWithOutOfMemoryError () throws Exception
void testProcessCasWithResourceProcessException () throws Exception

Protected Member Functions

void tearDown () throws Exception

Private Member Functions

int countExceptions (int totalCount, int errorSequence)
void cpeProcessNoMsg (CollectionProcessingEngine cpe, TestStatusCallbackListener listener) throws Exception
CollectionProcessingEngine setupCpm (int documentCount, String exceptionName, int exceptionSequence, String functionName)

Static Private Attributes

static final String FS = System.getProperties().getProperty("file.separator")

Detailed Description

Test CasConsumer Error Handling

The TestCase aims to test the important methods normally used within the CasConsumer (initialize and processCas). In each function different Exceptions are thrown to test the behaviour of the system in such a situation. Therefore special helper classes located in the org.apache.uima.collection.impl.cpm.utils package are used. For instance DecriptorMakeUtil generates the customized descriptors which throws the predefined Exceptions. FunctionErrorStore is the class where all data about methodcalls and counts are kept. That's just to point out some important classes.

To offer a short introduction into the generell mode of operation have a look at the following list:

Also have a look at

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