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org::apache::uima::collection::impl::cpm::engine::CPECasPool Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 CPECasPool (int aNumInstances, CasManager aCasManager) throws ResourceInitializationException
 CPECasPool (int aNumInstances, CasManager aCasManager, Properties aPerformanceTuningSettings) throws ResourceInitializationException
synchronized CAS getCas ()
synchronized CAS getCas (long aTimeout)
synchronized CAS getCheckedOutCas (int aIndex)
synchronized int getCheckedOutCasCount ()
int getSize ()
synchronized void releaseCas (CAS aCas)

Protected Member Functions

void fillPool (CasManager aCasManager, Properties aPerformanceTuningSettings) throws ResourceInitializationException

Private Attributes

LinkedList checkedOutInstances = new LinkedList()
Vector mAllInstances = new Vector()
Vector mFreeInstances = new Vector()
final int mNumInstances

Detailed Description

Implements object pooling mechanism to limit number of CAS instances. Cas'es are checked out, used and checked back in when done.

Definition at line 37 of file CPECasPool.java.

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