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org::apache::uima::collection::impl::cpm::utils::ChunkMetadata Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ChunkMetadata (String aDocId, int aSequence, boolean aLast)
String getDocId ()
int getSequence ()
String getThrottleID ()
String getURL ()
boolean isLast ()
boolean isOneOfMany ()
boolean isTimedOut ()
void setThrottleID (String aThrottleID)
void setTimedOut (boolean b)
void setURL (String aURL)

Static Public Attributes

static final String DOCUMENTID = "documentId"
static final String DOCUMENTURL = "url"
static final String ISCOMPLETED = "isCompleted"
static final String SEQUENCE = "sequenceNumber"
static final String THROTTLEID = "throttleID"

Private Attributes

String docId
boolean last = true
int sequence
String throttleID
boolean timedOut = false
String url

Detailed Description

Convenience class that is used to hold metadata associated with chunking and sequencing of documents. It allows the OutputQueue to manage sequencing of chunks destined for the CasConsumer.

Definition at line 26 of file ChunkMetadata.java.

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