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org::apache::uima::examples::cas::PersonTitleAnnotator Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void batchProcessComplete () throws AnalysisEngineProcessException
void collectionProcessComplete () throws AnalysisEngineProcessException
void destroy ()
final int getCasInstancesRequired ()
Class< CASgetRequiredCasInterface ()
final boolean hasNext () throws AnalysisEngineProcessException
void initialize (UimaContext aContext) throws ResourceInitializationException
final AbstractCas next () throws AnalysisEngineProcessException
final void process (AbstractCas aCAS) throws AnalysisEngineProcessException
void process (CAS aCAS) throws AnalysisEngineProcessException
void reconfigure () throws ResourceConfigurationException, ResourceInitializationException
void setResultSpecification (ResultSpecification aResultSpec)
void typeSystemInit (TypeSystem aTypeSystem) throws AnalysisEngineProcessException

Protected Member Functions

void annotateRange (CAS aCAS, String aText, int aBeginPos)
void annotateRange (CAS aCAS, String aText, int aBeginPos, String aTitleType, String[] aTitles)
void createAnnotation (CAS aCAS, int aBeginPos, int aEndPos, String aTitleType)
final UimaContext getContext ()
ResultSpecification getResultSpecification ()

Private Attributes

String[] mCivilianTitles
Type mContainingType
String[] mGovernmentTitles
String[] mMilitaryTitles
Feature mPersonTitleKindFeature
Type mPersonTitleType

Detailed Description

An example annotator that discovers Person Titles in text and classifies them into three categories - Civilian (e.g. Mr.,Ms.), Military (e.g. Lt. Col.) , and Government (e.g. Gov., Sen.). The titles are detected using simple string matching. The strings that are matched are determined by the CivilianTitles, MilitaryTitles, and GovernmentTitles configuration parameters.

If the ContainingAnnotationType parameter is specified, this annotator will only look for titles within existing annotations of that type. This feature can be used, for example, to only match person titles within existing Person Name annotations, discovered by some annotator that has run previously.

Definition at line 53 of file PersonTitleAnnotator.java.

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