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org::apache::uima::examples::cpe::SimpleRunCPM Class Reference

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class  StatusCallbackListenerImpl

Public Member Functions

 SimpleRunCPM (String args[]) throws UIMAException, IOException

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String[] args) throws UIMAException, IOException

Static Private Member Functions

static void printUsageMessage ()

Private Attributes

CollectionProcessingManager mCPM
long mStartTime

Detailed Description

Main Class that runs the Collection Processing Manager (CPM). This class reads descriptor files and initiailizes the following components:

  1. CollectionReader
  2. Analysis Engine
  3. CAS Consumer

It also registers a callback listener with the CPM, which will print progress and statistics to System.out.
Command lines arguments for the run are :

  1. args[0] : CollectionReader descriptor file
  2. args[1] : CAS Consumer descriptor file.
  3. args[2] : AnnotationPrinter descriptor file

Example :
java -cp < all jar files needed > org.apache.uima.example.cpe.SimpleRunCPE descriptors/collection_reader/FileSystemCollectionReader.xml descriptors/analysis_engine/PersonTitleAnnotator.xml descriptors/cas_consumer/XmiWrtierCasConsumer.xml

Definition at line 62 of file SimpleRunCPM.java.

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