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org::apache::uima::internal::util::CommandLineParser Class Reference

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class  CmdLineParam

Public Member Functions

boolean addAlias (String param, String alias)
boolean addParameter (String paramName, boolean hasArg)
boolean addParameter (String paramName)
 CommandLineParser ()
String getParamArgument (String paramName)
String[] getRestArgs ()
boolean isInArgsList (String paramName)
boolean isKnownParameter (String paramName)
void parseCmdLine (String[] args) throws Exception

Private Attributes

HashMap< CmdLineParam, String > cmdLineMap = null
HashMap< String, CmdLineParamparamMap = null
String[] restArgs

Detailed Description

Simple command line parsing utility.

The parser can only handle parameters that take 0 or 1 arguments. That is, you can parse command lines like

    doit -f -i file1 -o file2 --dir file3 /h file4 file5 file6

The syntax of parameters is left to the user, no common prefix is assumed or enforced. Parameter names can be arbitrarily long. You can define aliases for parameters: -h, /H and --help can all mean the same parameter if so configured.

Definition at line 41 of file CommandLineParser.java.

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