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org::apache::uima::internal::util::IntVector Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void add (int element)
void add (int index, int element)
boolean contains (int elem)
IntVector copy ()
void ensure_size (int req)
boolean equals (Object o)
void fill (int value)
int get (int index)
int[] getArray ()
int hashCode ()
int indexOf (int element)
 IntVector (int[] array)
 IntVector (int capacity, int growth_factor, int multiplication_limit)
 IntVector (int capacity)
 IntVector ()
int position (int elem)
void put (int index, int element)
int remove (int index)
void removeAllElements ()
void set (int index, int element)
void setSize (int size)
int size ()
int[] toArray ()
int[] toArrayCopy ()
String toString ()
void trimToSize ()

Protected Attributes

int[] array = null
int pos = 0

Private Attributes

int growth_factor
int multiplication_limit

Static Private Attributes

static final int default_growth_factor = 2
static final int default_multiplication_limit = 2000000
static final int default_size = 16
static final long serialVersionUID = 4829243434421992519L

Detailed Description

Like java.util.Vector, but elements are ints. This is a bare-bones implementation. May add features as I need them.

Definition at line 31 of file IntVector.java.

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