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org::apache::uima::internal::util::XMLUtils Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

static final int checkForNonXmlCharacters (String s)
static final int checkForNonXmlCharacters (String s, boolean xml11)
static final int checkForNonXmlCharacters (char[] ch, int start, int length, boolean xml11)
static Element getChildByTagName (Element aElem, String aName)
static Element getFirstChildElement (Element aElem)
static String getText (Element aElem, boolean aExpandEnvVarRefs)
static String getText (Element aElem)
static void normalize (String aStr, StringBuffer aResultBuf, boolean aNewlinesToSpaces)
static void normalize (String aStr, StringBuffer aResultBuf)
static Object readPrimitiveValue (Element aElem)
static void writeNormalizedString (String aStr, Writer aWriter, boolean aNewlinesToSpaces) throws IOException
static void writePrimitiveValue (Object aObj, Writer aWriter) throws IOException
static void writePrimitiveValue (Object aObj, ContentHandler aContentHandler) throws SAXException

Static Private Member Functions

static final boolean isValidXmlUtf16int (char c, boolean xml11)

Detailed Description

Some utilities for working with XML.

Definition at line 40 of file XMLUtils.java.

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