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org::apache::uima::internal::util::rb_trees::IntRBTArray Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

int get (int i) throws NoSuchElementException
int getPosition (int i) throws NoSuchElementException
 IntRBTArray (int[] array)
 IntRBTArray (int[] array, int start)
void setRootAddress (int start)
int[] toArray ()

Static Public Attributes

static final int LEFTDTR = 1
static final int RIGHTDTR = 2
static final int TERMINAL = 0
static final int TWODTRS = 3

Private Attributes

int[] array
int offset

Detailed Description

Helper class to read array-based binary search trees with integers as keys and values. No write access to the tree is provided. See IntRedBlackTree on how to generate such an array representation. The name is a bit of a misnomer, since nothing in this class is specific to red-black trees.

Suppose i is the position of the first cell encoding a tree node in array a. Then the expected memory layout of a is:

Note that the array from which an IntRBTArray object is constructed can contain other data as well. However, we assume that the addressing (the right daughter addresses, to be precise), must be absolute (i.e., not relative to some starting point within the array).

Definition at line 58 of file IntRBTArray.java.

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