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org::apache::uima::jcas::impl::JCasImpl Class Reference

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class  JCasFsGenerator
class  JCasSharedView
class  LoadedJCasType

Public Member Functions

void addFsToIndexes (FeatureStructure instance)
final void checkArrayBounds (int fsRef, int pos)
FeaturePath createFeaturePath ()
FeatureValuePath createFeatureValuePath (String featureValuePath) throws CASRuntimeException
SofaFS createSofa (SofaID sofaID, String mimeType)
JCas createView (String sofaID) throws CASException
AnnotationIndex< AnnotationgetAnnotationIndex ()
AnnotationIndex< AnnotationgetAnnotationIndex (Type type) throws CASRuntimeException
AnnotationIndex< AnnotationgetAnnotationIndex (int type) throws CASRuntimeException
CAS getCas ()
CASImpl getCasImpl ()
Type getCasType (int i)
ConstraintFactory getConstraintFactory ()
TOP getDocumentAnnotationFs ()
String getDocumentLanguage ()
String getDocumentText ()
FloatArray getFloatArray0L ()
FSArray getFSArray0L ()
FSIndexRepository getFSIndexRepository ()
FSIndexRepository getIndexRepository ()
IntegerArray getIntegerArray0L ()
JCas getJCas (Sofa sofa) throws CASException
TOP getJfsFromCaddr (int casAddr)
JFSIndexRepository getJFSIndexRepository ()
LowLevelCAS getLowLevelCas ()
LowLevelIndexRepository getLowLevelIndexRepository ()
Feature getRequiredFeature (Type t, String s) throws CASException
Feature getRequiredFeatureDE (Type t, String s, String rangeName, boolean featOkTst)
Type getRequiredType (String s) throws CASException
Sofa getSofa (SofaID sofaID)
Sofa getSofa ()
FeatureStructure getSofaDataArray ()
InputStream getSofaDataStream ()
String getSofaDataString ()
String getSofaDataURI ()
FSIterator< SofaFSgetSofaIterator ()
String getSofaMimeType ()
StringArray getStringArray0L ()
TOP_Type getType (TOP instance)
TOP_Type getType (int i)
TypeSystem getTypeSystem ()
JCas getView (String localViewName) throws CASException
JCas getView (SofaFS aSofa) throws CASException
Iterator< JCasgetViewIterator (String localViewNamePrefix) throws CASException
Iterator< JCasgetViewIterator () throws CASException
String getViewName ()
void instantiateJCas_Types (ClassLoader cl)
void processInit ()
void putJfsFromCaddr (int casAddr, FeatureStructure fs)
void release ()
void removeFsFromIndexes (FeatureStructure instance)
void reset ()
void setDocumentLanguage (String language) throws CASRuntimeException
void setDocumentText (String text) throws CASRuntimeException
void setOwner (CasOwner aCasOwner)
void setSofaDataArray (FeatureStructure array, String mime) throws CASRuntimeException
void setSofaDataString (String text, String mime) throws CASRuntimeException
void setSofaDataURI (String uri, String mime) throws CASRuntimeException
void showJfsFromCaddrHistogram ()
int size ()
void switchClassLoader (ClassLoader cl)
void throwFeatMissing (String feat, String type)

Static Public Member Functions

static void clearData (CAS cas)
static JCas getJCas (CASImpl cas) throws CASException

Static Public Attributes

static final int INVALID_FEATURE_CODE = -1

Package Functions

public< T extends
FeatureStructure > FSIterator
< T > 
createFilteredIterator (FSIterator< T > it, FSMatchConstraint constraint)
public< T extends
FeatureStructure >
ListIterator< T > 
fs2listIterator (FSIterator< T > it)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]
 [static initializer]

Private Member Functions

void copyDownSuperGenerators (Map< String, LoadedJCasType > jcasTypes, FSGenerator[] fsGenerators)
void expandTypeArrayIfNeeded ()
 JCasImpl (CASImpl cas) throws CASException
synchronized Map< String,
loadJCasClasses (ClassLoader cl)
void logAndThrow (Exception e)
boolean makeInstanceOf_Type (LoadedJCasType jcasTypeInfo, boolean alreadyLoaded, FSGenerator[] fsGenerators)

Private Attributes

final CASImpl casImpl
final Object[] constructorArgsFor_Type = new Object[2]
final boolean isUsedCache
final JFSIndexRepository jfsIndexRepository
final LowLevelIndexRepository ll_IndexRepository
final JCasSharedView sharedView
TOP_Type[] typeArray = new TOP_Type[0]

Static Private Attributes

static final Collection< String > builtInsWithAltNames = new ArrayList<String>()
static final Collection< String > builtInsWithNoJCas = new ArrayList<String>()
static final int INITIAL_HASHMAP_SIZE = 256
static final Class[] intAnd_Type = new Class[] { int.class, TOP_Type.class }
static final Class[] jcasBaseAndType = new Class[] { JCas.class, Type.class }
static final int NULL = 0
static Map< TypeSystemImpl,
Map< ClassLoader, Map< String,
LoadedJCasType > > > 

Detailed Description

implements the supporting infrastructure for JCas model linked with a Cas. There is one logical instance of this instantiated per Cas or CasView. If you hold a reference to a CAS, to get a reference to the corresponding JCas, use the method getJCas(). Likewise, if you hold a reference to this object, you can get a reference to the corresponding CAS object using the method getCas().

There are variables here that hold references to constant, frequently needed Cas values, such as 0-length FSArrays, 0-length Strings, etc. These can be used to improve efficiency, since the same object can be shared and used for all instances because it is unchangeable. These objects are reset when the CAS is reset, and are initialized lazily, on first use.

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