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org::apache::uima::jcas::tcas::DocumentAnnotation Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addToIndexes ()
void addToIndexes (JCas jcas)
Object clone () throws CASRuntimeException
 DocumentAnnotation (int addr, TOP_Type type)
 DocumentAnnotation (JCas jcas)
boolean equals (Object o)
int getAddress ()
int getBegin ()
boolean getBooleanValue (Feature feat) throws CASRuntimeException
byte getByteValue (Feature feat) throws CASRuntimeException
CAS getCAS ()
CASImpl getCASImpl ()
String getCoveredText ()
double getDoubleValue (Feature feat) throws CASRuntimeException
int getEnd ()
FeatureStructure getFeatureValue (Feature feat) throws CASRuntimeException
String getFeatureValueAsString (Feature feat) throws CASRuntimeException
float getFloatValue (Feature feat) throws CASRuntimeException
int getIntValue (Feature feat)
String getLanguage ()
long getLongValue (Feature feat) throws CASRuntimeException
LowLevelCAS getLowLevelCas ()
short getShortValue (Feature feat) throws CASRuntimeException
SofaFS getSofa ()
int getStart ()
String getStringValue (Feature f) throws CASRuntimeException
Type getType ()
int getTypeIndexID ()
CAS getView ()
int hashCode ()
void prettyPrint (int indent, int incr, StringBuffer buf, boolean useShortNames)
void prettyPrint (int indent, int incr, StringBuffer buf, boolean useShortNames, String s)
void prettyPrint (int indent, int incr, StringBuffer buf, boolean useShortNames, String s, PrintReferences printRefs)
void removeFromIndexes ()
void removeFromIndexes (JCas jcas)
void setBegin (int v)
void setBooleanValue (Feature feat, boolean b) throws CASRuntimeException
void setByteValue (Feature feat, byte val) throws CASRuntimeException
void setDoubleValue (Feature feat, double val) throws CASRuntimeException
void setEnd (int v)
void setFeatureValue (Feature feat, FeatureStructure fs)
void setFeatureValueFromString (Feature feat, String s) throws CASRuntimeException
void setFloatValue (Feature feat, float val)
void setIntValue (Feature feat, int val)
void setLanguage (String v)
void setLongValue (Feature feat, long val) throws CASRuntimeException
void setShortValue (Feature feat, short val) throws CASRuntimeException
void setStringValue (Feature feat, String val)
String toString (int indent)
String toString ()

Public Attributes

TOP_Type jcasType

Static Public Attributes

static final int type = typeIndexID
static final int typeIndexID = JCasRegistry.register(DocumentAnnotation.class)

Protected Attributes

final int addr

Detailed Description

The JCas class definition for the CAS DocumentAnnotation type. When text CASs are created, one instance of this type is created and made accessable via a call to the JCasImpl#getDocumentAnnotationFs() method. It is also a subtype of Annotation and therefore would appear as one of the annotations that an iterator over all the annotations would return.

Definition at line 34 of file DocumentAnnotation.java.

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