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org::apache::uima::pear::insd::edit::INSDEnvironmentPage Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void createControl (Composite parent)
 INSDEnvironmentPage (IContainer currentContainer, InstallationDescriptor insd, Hashtable wizardData)

Public Attributes

final String CAS_CONSUMER_DESCRIPTOR_PATH = "casConsumerDescriptorPath"
final String CAS_INITIALIZER_DESCRIPTOR_PATH = "casInitializerDescriptorPath"
final String COLLECTION_ITERATOR_DESCRIPTOR_PATH = "collectionIteratorDescriptorPath"
final String COMP_DESCRIPTOR_PATH = "compDescriptorPath"
final String COMP_ID = "compID"
final String COMP_NAME = "compName"
final String COMP_TYPE_ANALYSIS_ENGINE = "analysis_engine"
final String COMP_TYPE_CAS_CONSUMER = "cas_consumer"
final String COMP_TYPE_CAS_INITIALIZER = "cas_initializer"
final String COMP_TYPE_COLLECTION_READER = "collection_reader"
final String COMP_TYPE_CPE = "cpe"
VarValList envVarList = new VarValList()
Combo jdkVersionCombo
Combo osCombo
VarValViewerHandler viewer

Package Attributes

IContainer currentContainer
Group gr
Group gr1
InstallationDescriptor insd
ArrayList MissingLibraries = new ArrayList()

Private Member Functions

Combo addCombo (Composite parent, String strLabel)
ArrayList addToClassPath (IClasspathEntry classPathEntry, ArrayList classPath)
ArrayList addToClassPath (IClasspathEntry[] classPathEntries, ArrayList resultStringEntries)
boolean contain (ArrayList classPath, String classPathEntryString)
String convertToString (ArrayList stringEntries, String delim)
void dialogChanged ()
String getFirstItem (String tokens)
String getInitialClassPath (String classPath)
void initialize ()
void initializeCombos ()
ArrayList tokenizeClassPath (String classPath)
void updateStatus (String message)

Detailed Description

This is wizard page to edit PEAR Installation Environment parameters

Definition at line 65 of file INSDEnvironmentPage.java.

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