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org::apache::uima::pear::insd::edit::vars::AbstractVarValViewerHandler Class Reference

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class  ExampleContentProvider

Public Member Functions

 AbstractVarValViewerHandler (Composite parent, String[] columnNames, int numParentColumns, VarValList tableRowList, ITableLabelProvider labelProvider)
void close ()
void dispose ()
Button getCloseButton ()
java.util.List getColumnNames ()
Control getControl ()
ISelection getSelection ()
VarValList getTableRowList ()

Public Attributes

Button add
Button delete
Table table
TableViewer tableViewer

Protected Member Functions

void addChildControls (Composite composite, int numColumns)
void createButtons (Composite parent)
abstract CellEditor[] createCellEditors ()
abstract ICellModifier createCellModifiers ()
abstract ViewerSorter createSorter ()
void createTable (Composite parent)
abstract void createTableColumns ()
void createTableViewer ()

Protected Attributes

Button closeButton
String[] columnNames
ITableLabelProvider labelProvider
VarValList tableRowList = new VarValList()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file AbstractVarValViewerHandler.java.

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