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org::apache::uima::pear::tools::InstallationDescriptor Class Reference

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class  ActionInfo
class  ArgInfo
class  ComponentInfo
class  ServiceInfo

Public Member Functions

synchronized void addDelegateComponent (String id, String name)
synchronized void addFrameworkSpec (String specName, String specValue)
synchronized void addInstallationAction (ActionInfo action)
synchronized void addOSSpec (String specName, String specValue)
synchronized void addToolkitsSpec (String specName, String specValue)
synchronized void clearDelegateComponents ()
synchronized void clearFrameworkSpecs ()
synchronized void clearInstallationActions ()
synchronized void clearOSSpecs ()
synchronized void clearToolkitsSpecs ()
synchronized void deleteDelegateComponent (String id)
synchronized void deleteFrameworkSpec (String specName, String specValue)
synchronized void deleteInstallationActions (String actionName)
synchronized void deleteOSSpec (String specName, String specValue)
synchronized void deleteToolkitsSpec (String specName, String specValue)
Hashtable< String, ComponentInfogetDelegateComponents ()
Properties getFrameworkSpecs ()
Collection< ActionInfogetInstallationActions ()
Collection< ActionInfogetInstallationActions (String actionName)
synchronized File getInstallationDescriptorFile ()
String getMainCasConsumerDesc ()
synchronized String getMainCasConsumerDesc (boolean relativePath)
String getMainCasInitializerDesc ()
synchronized String getMainCasInitializerDesc (boolean relativePath)
String getMainCollIteratorDesc ()
synchronized String getMainCollIteratorDesc (boolean relativePath)
synchronized String getMainComponentDeployment ()
String getMainComponentDesc ()
synchronized String getMainComponentDesc (boolean relativePath)
synchronized String getMainComponentId ()
synchronized String getMainComponentName ()
synchronized Properties getMainComponentNetworkParam (String paramName)
synchronized Set< String > getMainComponentNetworkParamNames ()
synchronized Properties getMainComponentProps ()
synchronized String getMainComponentRoot ()
synchronized ServiceInfo getMainComponentService ()
Properties getOSSpecs ()
Properties getToolkitsSpecs ()
 InstallationDescriptor (File insdFile)
 InstallationDescriptor ()
synchronized void setDelegateComponentDesc (String id, String descFilePath)
synchronized void setDelegateComponentName (String id, String name)
synchronized void setDelegateComponentProperty (String id, String propName, String propValue)
synchronized void setDelegateComponentRoot (String id, String rootDirPath)
synchronized void setInstallationDescriptorFile (File insdFile)
synchronized void setMainCasConsumerDesc (String descFilePath)
synchronized void setMainCasInitializerDesc (String descFilePath)
synchronized void setMainCollIteratorDesc (String descFilePath)
synchronized void setMainComponent (String id, String name)
synchronized void setMainComponent (String id)
synchronized void setMainComponentDeployment (String deplType)
synchronized void setMainComponentDesc (String descFilePath)
synchronized void setMainComponentId (String id)
synchronized void setMainComponentName (String name)
synchronized void setMainComponentNetworkParam (String paramName, Properties paramSpecs)
synchronized void setMainComponentProperty (String propNname, String propValue)
synchronized void setMainComponentRoot (String rootDirPath)
synchronized void setMainComponentService (ServiceInfo serviceInfo)
String toString ()
synchronized void updateMainComponentId (String id)

Static Public Attributes

static final String PROPERTY_DELIMITER = "\n"
static final String VNS_HOST = "VNS_HOST"
static final String VNS_PORT = "VNS_PORT"
static final String VNS_SPECS = "VNS_SPECS"

Static Protected Member Functions

static Properties addProperty (Properties props, String name, String value)
static Properties deleteProperty (Properties props, String name, String value)
static String getRelativePathForComponentObject (String absolutePath, ComponentInfo component)

Private Attributes

Hashtable< String, ComponentInfo_delegateComponents = new Hashtable<String, ComponentInfo>()
Properties _frameworkSpecs = new Properties()
File _insdFile = null
ArrayList< ActionInfo_installationActions = new ArrayList<ActionInfo>()
ComponentInfo _mainComponent = null
Properties _osSpecs = new Properties()
Properties _toolkitsSpecs = new Properties()

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = 4884186903126810934L

Detailed Description

The InstallationDescriptor class encapsulates all elements and parameters included in the XML Installation Descriptor file.

See also:

Definition at line 45 of file InstallationDescriptor.java.

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