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org::apache::uima::pear::tools::LocalInstallationAgent Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 LocalInstallationAgent (String mainComponentRootPath)
synchronized boolean localizeComponent () throws IOException
synchronized void setUimaHomePath (String uimaHomePath)
synchronized boolean undoComponentLocalization () throws IOException
synchronized boolean verifyLocalizedComponent () throws IOException, ResourceInitializationException, UIMAException

Static Public Member Functions

static boolean checkPackageConfig (Properties packageConfig, InstallationDescriptor insdObject)
static void localizeComponentFile (File file, InstallationDescriptor insdObject, Properties packageConfig) throws IOException
static void localizeInstallationDescriptor (InstallationDescriptor insdObject, Properties packageConfig)
static void main (String[] args)

Protected Member Functions

synchronized File[] localizeComponentFiles () throws IOException

Static Protected Attributes

static final String BACKUP_FILE_SUFFIX = ".$"
static final String COMP_ROOT_PREFIX = "$"
static final String COMP_ROOT_SUFFIX = "$root"
static final String MAIN_ROOT = "$main_root"

Private Attributes

InstallationDescriptor _insdObject
File[] _localizedFiles
File _mainRootDir
String _osName
Properties _packageConfig = new Properties()
String _uimaHomePath

Detailed Description

The LocalInstallationAgent allows localizing files of UIMA compliant components within the single PEAR structure, and verifying localized component's files using UIMA framework API.

This class may be used in the following ways:

In both modes the application uses the metadata/PEAR.properties file for the component localization information.
Note: during the localization phase the application creates backup copies of all files in both the conf and desc directories, adding the extension ".$" to each backup file. If the application fails, please make sure all original files in both the directories are restored from appropriate "*.$" backup copies.

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