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org::apache::uima::pear::tools::PackageCreatorException Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

Object[] getArguments ()
Throwable getCause ()
String getLocalizedMessage ()
String getLocalizedMessage (Locale aLocale)
String getMessage ()
String getMessageKey ()
String getResourceBundleName ()
boolean hasMessageKey (String messageKey)
synchronized Throwable initCause (Throwable cause)
 PackageCreatorException (String aResourceBundleName, String aMessageKey)
 PackageCreatorException (String aResourceBundleName, String aMessageKey, Throwable aCause)
 PackageCreatorException (String aResourceBundleName, String aMessageKey, Object[] aArguments)
 PackageCreatorException (String aResourceBundleName, String aMessageKey, Object[] aArguments, Throwable aCause)

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = 6261840563059646801L

Detailed Description

Exception thrown if the PEAR package generation fails.

Definition at line 26 of file PackageCreatorException.java.

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