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org::apache::uima::resource::metadata::impl::FsIndexDescription_impl Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

final void buildFromXMLElement (Element aElement, XMLParser aParser) throws InvalidXMLException
void buildFromXMLElement (Element aElement, XMLParser aParser, XMLParser.ParsingOptions aOptions) throws InvalidXMLException
Object clone ()
boolean equals (Object aObj)
Class getAttributeClass (String aName)
Object getAttributeValue (String aName)
FsIndexKeyDescription[] getKeys ()
String getKind ()
String getLabel ()
URL getRelativePathBase ()
URL getSourceUrl ()
String getSourceUrlString ()
String getTypeName ()
int hashCode ()
boolean isModifiable ()
List< NameClassPairlistAttributes ()
void setAttributeValue (String aName, Object aValue)
void setKeys (FsIndexKeyDescription[] aKeys)
void setKind (String aKind)
void setLabel (String aLabel)
void setSourceUrl (URL aUrl)
void setSourceUrlIfNull (URL aUrl)
void setTypeName (String aTypeName)
String toString ()
void toXML (OutputStream aOutputStream) throws SAXException, IOException
void toXML (ContentHandler aContentHandler) throws SAXException
void toXML (ContentHandler aContentHandler, boolean aWriteDefaultNamespaceAttribute) throws SAXException
void toXML (Writer aWriter) throws SAXException, IOException

Static Public Attributes

static final String KIND_BAG = "bag"
static final String KIND_SET = "set"
static final String KIND_SORTED = "sorted"

Protected Member Functions

PropertyDescriptor[] getPropertyDescriptors () throws IntrospectionException
PropertyXmlInfo getPropertyXmlInfo (String aXmlElementName)
Class getWrapperClass (Class aPrimitiveType)
AttributesImpl getXMLAttributes ()
String getXMLElementTagName ()
XmlizationInfo getXmlizationInfo ()
void readArrayPropertyValueFromXMLElement (PropertyXmlInfo aPropXmlInfo, Class aPropClass, Element aElement, XMLParser aParser, XMLParser.ParsingOptions aOptions) throws InvalidXMLException
void readMapPropertyFromXml (String aPropName, Element aElement, String aKeyXmlAttribute, String aValueTagName, XMLParser aParser, XMLParser.ParsingOptions aOptions, boolean aValueIsArray) throws InvalidXMLException
void readPropertyValueFromXMLElement (PropertyXmlInfo aPropXmlInfo, Element aElement, XMLParser aParser, XMLParser.ParsingOptions aOptions) throws InvalidXMLException
void readUnknownPropertyValueFromXMLElement (Element aElement, XMLParser aParser, XMLParser.ParsingOptions aOptions, List< String > aKnownPropertyNames) throws InvalidXMLException
void writeArrayPropertyAsElement (String aPropName, Class aPropClass, Object aValue, String aArrayElementTagName, String aNamespace, ContentHandler aContentHandler) throws SAXException
void writeMapPropertyToXml (String aPropName, String aXmlElementName, String aKeyXmlAttribute, String aValueTagName, boolean aOmitIfNull, String aNamespace, ContentHandler aContentHandler) throws SAXException
void writePropertyAsElement (PropertyXmlInfo aPropInfo, String aNamespace, ContentHandler aContentHandler) throws SAXException

Static Package Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = 8939000196947456114L

Private Attributes

FsIndexKeyDescription[] mKeys = new FsIndexKeyDescription[0]
String mKind
String mLabel
String mTypeName

Static Private Attributes

static final XmlizationInfo XMLIZATION_INFO

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file FsIndexDescription_impl.java.

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