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Class org::apache::uima::resource::metadata::impl::MetaDataObject_impl::getWrapperClass ( Class  aPrimitiveType ) [inline, protected, inherited]

Gets the wrapper class corresponding to the given primitive type. For example, java.lang.Integer is the wrapper class for the primitive type int.

aPrimitiveTypeClass object representing a primitive type
Class</object> object representing the wrapper type for PrimitiveType. If aPrimitiveType is not a primitive type, it is itself returned.

Definition at line 1233 of file MetaDataObject_impl.java.

Referenced by org::apache::uima::resource::metadata::impl::MetaDataObject_impl::listAttributes().

    if (Integer.TYPE.equals(aPrimitiveType))
      return Integer.class;
    else if (Short.TYPE.equals(aPrimitiveType))
      return Short.class;
    else if (Long.TYPE.equals(aPrimitiveType))
      return Long.class;
    else if (Byte.TYPE.equals(aPrimitiveType))
      return Byte.class;
    else if (Character.TYPE.equals(aPrimitiveType))
      return Character.class;
    else if (Float.TYPE.equals(aPrimitiveType))
      return Float.class;
    else if (Double.TYPE.equals(aPrimitiveType))
      return Double.class;
    else if (Boolean.TYPE.equals(aPrimitiveType))
      return Boolean.class;
      return aPrimitiveType;

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