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org::apache::uima::taeconfigurator::editors::MultiPageEditor Class Reference

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class  CombinedHierarchyScope
class  JCasGenProgressMonitor
class  JCasGenThrower
class  MultilevelCancel

Public Member Functions

void addDirtyTypeName (String typeName)
void addPagesForCurrentEditor ()
CAS createCas (AnalysisEngineDescription aAeDescription, Properties aPerformanceTuningSettings, ResourceManager aResourceManager) throws ResourceInitializationException
ResourceManager createResourceManager ()
ResourceManager createResourceManager (String classPath)
String descriptorTypeString ()
String descriptorTypeString (int pDescriptorType)
void doJCasGen (IProgressMonitor monitor)
void doJCasGenChkSrc (IProgressMonitor monitor)
void doSave (IProgressMonitor monitor)
void doSaveAs ()
void doSaveAsForCurrentEditor ()
void doSaveForCurrentEditor (IProgressMonitor monitor)
void firePropertyChangeSuper (final int propertyId)
String getAbsolutePathFromImport (Import importItem)
AnalysisEngineDescription getAeDescription ()
AggregatePage getAggregatePage ()
IType getAnalysisComponentIType ()
IType getBaseAnnotatorIType ()
CapabilityPage getCapabilityPage ()
IType getCasConsumerIType ()
IType getCasInitializerIType ()
String getCharSet (String text)
IType getCollectionReaderIType ()
int getCurrentPageSuper ()
CAS getCurrentView ()
Map getDelegateAEdescriptions (AnalysisEngineDescription aed)
String getDescriptorDirectory ()
String getDescriptorRelativePath (String aFullOrRelativePath)
int getDescriptorType ()
ResourceManagerConfiguration getExtResAndBindings ()
Color getFadeColor ()
IFile getFile ()
String getFilteredProjectClassPath (boolean filterCoreResources) throws CoreException
IType getFlowControllerIType ()
FsIndexCollection getFsIndexCollection ()
String getFullPathFromDescriptorRelativePath (String aDescRelPath)
Object getIFileOrFile (String relOrAbsPath)
FsIndexCollection getImportedFsIndexCollection ()
TypePriorities getImportedTypePriorities ()
TypeSystemDescription getImportedTypeSystemDesription ()
IndexesPage getIndexesPage ()
boolean getIsContextLoaded ()
IJavaProject getJavaProject ()
FsIndexCollection getMergedFsIndexCollection ()
TypePriorities getMergedTypePriorities ()
TypeSystemDescription getMergedTypeSystemDescription ()
String getMessagesToRootCause (Throwable e)
OverviewPage getOverviewPage ()
ParameterPage getParameterPage ()
IResource getPrimarySourceFolder ()
IProject getProject ()
String getProjectClassPath () throws CoreException
Map getResolvedDelegates ()
ResourceManagerConfiguration getResolvedExternalResourcesAndBindings ()
FlowControllerDeclaration getResolvedFlowControllerDeclaration ()
ResourcesPage getResourcesPage ()
IJavaSearchScope getSearchScopeForDescriptorType ()
SettingsPage getSettingsPage ()
XMLEditor getSourceEditor ()
ITextEditor getSourcePageEditor ()
IType getTypeFromProject (String typename)
TypePage getTypePage ()
TypePriorities getTypePriorities ()
TypeSystemDescription getTypeSystemDescription ()
XMLEditor getXMLEditorPage ()
void init (IEditorSite site, IEditorInput editorInput) throws PartInitException
void initSuper (IEditorSite site, IEditorInput editorInput) throws PartInitException
boolean isAeDescriptor ()
boolean isAggregate ()
boolean isCasConsumerDescriptor ()
boolean isCasInitializerDescriptor ()
boolean isCollectionReaderDescriptor ()
boolean isDirty ()
boolean isExtResAndBindingsDescriptor ()
boolean isFileInWorkspace (String aFileRelPath)
boolean isFlowControllerDescriptor ()
boolean isFsIndexCollection ()
boolean isLocalProcessingDescriptor ()
boolean isPrimitive ()
boolean isSaveAsAllowed ()
boolean isSaveOnCloseNeeded ()
boolean isSourceFolderValid ()
boolean isTypePriorityDescriptor ()
boolean isTypeSystemDescriptor ()
boolean isValidAE (AnalysisEngineDescription aAe)
void jcasGen (IProgressMonitor monitor)
void markAllPagesStale ()
void markTCasDirty ()
void open (String fullPath)
void open (IFile fileToOpen)
void openTextEditor (IFile fileToOpen)
void openTextEditor (String fullPath)
void pageChangeForCurrentEditor (int newPageIndex)
void pageChangeSuper (int newPageIndex)
String prettyPrintModel ()
void removeDirtyTypeName (String typeName)
void setActivePageSuper (int pageIndex)
void setAeDescription (AnalysisEngineDescription aAnalysisEngineDescription) throws ResourceInitializationException
void setFileDirty ()
void setFileDirtyFlag (boolean value)
void setImportedTypeSystemDescription (TypeSystemDescription saved)
void setInputSuper (IEditorInput input)
void setMergedFsIndexCollection (FsIndexCollection saved)
void setMergedFsIndexCollection () throws ResourceInitializationException
void setMergedTypePriorities (TypePriorities saved)
void setMergedTypePriorities () throws ResourceInitializationException
void setMergedTypeSystemDescription () throws ResourceInitializationException
void setMergedTypeSystemDescription (TypeSystemDescription saved)
void setPageTextSuper (int pageIndex, String text)
void setPartNameSuper (String partName)
void setResolvedExternalResourcesAndBindings (ResourceManagerConfiguration saved)
void setResolvedExternalResourcesAndBindings () throws InvalidXMLException
void setResolvedFlowControllerDeclaration () throws InvalidXMLException
void setSaveAsStatus (int nStatus)
void setTypeSystemDescription (TypeSystemDescription typeSystemDescription) throws ResourceInitializationException
void updateSourceFromModel ()
boolean validateInputs (Map typeNameHash)
boolean validateIOs (boolean isValidateInputs, Map typeNameHash)
boolean validateOutputs (Map typeNameHash)
boolean validateTypePriorities (Map typeNameHash)

Static Public Member Functions

static ResourceSpecifier getDelegateResourceSpecifier (IFile iFile, String[] componentHeaders)

Public Attributes

AllTypes allTypes
DefinedTypesWithSupers definedTypesWithSupers
DescriptorTCAS descriptorCAS
int m_nSaveAsStatus = SAVE_AS_NOT_IN_PROGRESS
boolean sourceChanged = true

Static Public Attributes

static final int DESCRIPTOR_AE = 1
static final int DESCRIPTOR_CASCONSUMER = 1 << 7
static final int DESCRIPTOR_CASINITIALIZER = 1 << 6
static final int DESCRIPTOR_COLLECTIONREADER = 1 << 5
static final int DESCRIPTOR_EXTRESANDBINDINGS = 1 << 4
static final int DESCRIPTOR_FLOWCONTROLLER = 1 << 8
static final int DESCRIPTOR_INDEX = 1 << 2
static final int DESCRIPTOR_TYPEPRIORITY = 1 << 3
static final int DESCRIPTOR_TYPESYSTEM = 1 << 1
final static String PATH_SEPARATOR = System.getProperty("path.separator")
static final int SAVE_AS_CANCELLED = -3
static final int SAVE_AS_CONFIRMED = -4
static final int SAVE_AS_NOT_IN_PROGRESS = -1
static final int SAVE_AS_STARTED = -2
static final TypeDescription[] typeDescriptionArray0 = new TypeDescription[0]

Protected Member Functions

int addPageAndSetTabTitle (HeaderPage page, String keyTabTitle) throws PartInitException
int addPageAndSetTabTitle (IEditorPart page, IEditorInput input, String keyTabTitle) throws PartInitException
void addPages ()
FormToolkit createToolkit (Display display)
void pageChange (int newPageIndex)
void setActivePageWhileBlockingRecursion (int sourceIndex)

Protected Attributes

int capabilityIndex = -1
CapabilityPage capabilityPage = null
int indexesIndex = -1
IndexesPage indexesPage = null
boolean isBadXML = true
boolean isPageChangeRecursion = false
int overviewIndex = -1
OverviewPage overviewPage = null
int resourcesIndex = -1
ResourcesPage resourcesPage = null
int sourceIndex = -1
XMLEditor sourceTextEditor
int typeIndex = -1
TypePage typePage = null

Private Member Functions

void checkForNewlyDirtyTypes (TypeSystemDescription oldTsd)
void checkForNewlyStaleSections (MetaDataObject previous, MetaDataObject current)
ProcessingResourceMetaData convertFromAeMetaData (AnalysisEngineMetaData p)
AnalysisEngineMetaData convertToAeMetaData (ResourceMetaData r)
void createAndLinkLocalProcessingDescriptorsToAe (CollectionReaderDescription d) throws ResourceInitializationException
void createAndLinkLocalProcessingDescriptorsToAe (CasConsumerDescription d) throws ResourceInitializationException
void createAndLinkLocalProcessingDescriptorsToAe (FlowControllerDescription d) throws ResourceInitializationException
void createAndLinkLocalProcessingDescriptorsToAe (CasInitializerDescription d) throws ResourceInitializationException
void finishSave (IProgressMonitor monitor, boolean modelOK)
void formatMessageWithClass (Throwable e, StringBuffer b, String messagePart)
URL getAbsoluteURLfromImport (Import importItem)
void getExternalEditorConfigurations ()
void getMergeInput (AnalysisEngineDescription aAggregateDescription, ResourceManager aResourceManager) throws ResourceInitializationException
IUimaEditorExtension getRequiredEditor (XMLizable parsedResult)
IUimaEditorExtension getRequiredEditor (String topElementName, String parsedResultClassName)
IUimaEditorExtension getRequiredEditor (String topElementName)
XMLizable getTrueDescriptor ()
void initCDE ()
void linkCommonCollectionDescriptorsFromAe (ResourceCreationSpecifier r)
void linkLocalProcessingDescriptorsFromAe (CollectionReaderDescription d)
void linkLocalProcessingDescriptorsFromAe (CasInitializerDescription d)
void linkLocalProcessingDescriptorsFromAe (CasConsumerDescription d)
void linkLocalProcessingDescriptorsFromAe (FlowControllerDescription d)
void linkLocalProcessingDescriptorsToAe (ResourceCreationSpecifier r) throws ResourceInitializationException
void loadContext (XMLizable thing)
String makeMergeMessage (Map m)
void markTypeModelDirty ()
void maybeShowRemoteFailure ()
FsIndexCollection mergeDelegateAnalysisEngineFsIndexCollections (AnalysisEngineDescription aAeDescription, ResourceManager aResourceManager) throws ResourceInitializationException
TypePriorities mergeDelegateAnalysisEngineTypePriorities (AnalysisEngineDescription aAeDescription, ResourceManager aResourceManager) throws ResourceInitializationException
TypeSystemDescription mergeDelegateAnalysisEngineTypeSystems (AnalysisEngineDescription aAeDescription, ResourceManager aResourceManager, Map aOutputMergedTypes) throws ResourceInitializationException
void parseSource (XMLInputSource input, String filePathName) throws PartInitException
void parseSourceInner (XMLInputSource input, String filePathName) throws PartInitException
boolean revertToLastValid (String msg, String msgDetails)
void saveGoodVersionOfTypePriorities ()
void setCasConsumerDescription (CasConsumerDescription d) throws ResourceInitializationException
void setCasInitializerDescription (CasInitializerDescription d) throws ResourceInitializationException
void setCollectionReaderDescription (CollectionReaderDescription d) throws ResourceInitializationException
void setExtResAndBindings (ResourceManagerConfiguration rb) throws ResourceInitializationException
void setFlowControllerDescription (FlowControllerDescription d) throws ResourceInitializationException
void setFsIndexCollection (FsIndexCollection indexCollection) throws ResourceInitializationException
void setImportedFsIndexCollection () throws ResourceInitializationException
void setImportedTypePriorities () throws ResourceInitializationException
void setImportedTypeSystemDescription () throws ResourceInitializationException
void setTypePriorities (TypePriorities typePriorities) throws ResourceInitializationException
void showContextLoadFailureMessage (Exception e, String contextFile)
boolean syncSourceBeforeSavingToFile ()
void validateDescriptorType (int newDescriptorType) throws ResourceInitializationException
boolean validateIndexes ()
boolean validateSource ()

Static Private Member Functions

static String getCommonParentFolder (String sFile1, String sFile2)

Private Attributes

AnalysisEngineDescription aeDescription = null
int aggregateIndex = -1
AggregatePage aggregatePage = null
IType analysisComponentIType = null
IType baseAnnotatorIType = null
String cachedClassPath = null
long cachedStamp = -1
CasConsumerDescription casConsumerDescription
IType casConsumerIType = null
CasInitializerDescription casInitializerDescription
IType casInitializerIType = null
CollectionReaderDescription collectionReaderDescription
IType collectionReaderIType = null
IUimaMultiPageEditor currentEditor
int descriptorType = 0
HashSet dirtyTypeNameHash
IUimaEditorExtension extensionEditor
Color fadeColor
Map failedRemotes = new TreeMap()
Set failedRemotesAlreadyKnown = new TreeSet()
IFile file
boolean fileDirty
IFile fileNeedingContext
FlowControllerDescription flowControllerDescription
IType flowControllerIType = null
List fsIndexesToMerge
FsIndexCollection importedFsIndexCollection
TypePriorities importedTypePriorities
TypeSystemDescription importedTypeSystemDescription = null
boolean isContextLoaded = false
boolean isRevertingIndex
IJavaProject javaProject = null
boolean m_bIsInited = false
TypePriorities m_typePrioritiesBackup
FsIndexCollection mergedFsIndexCollection
TypePriorities mergedTypePriorities
Map mergedTypesAddingFeatures = new TreeMap()
TypeSystemDescription mergedTypeSystemDescription = null
boolean openingContext = false
int parameterIndex = -1
ParameterPage parameterPage = null
Map resolvedDelegates = new HashMap()
ResourceManagerConfiguration resolvedExternalResourcesAndBindings
FlowControllerDeclaration resolvedFlowControllerDeclaration
int settingsIndex = -1
SettingsPage settingsPage = null
List typePrioritiesToMerge
TypeSystemDescription typeSystemDescription = null
List typeSystemsToMerge

Static Private Attributes

static final String EXTENSION_POINT_ID = "externalEditor"
static final String EXTENSION_TAG_CLASS_ATTRIB = "class"
static List
< IConfigurationElement > 
externalEditorConfigurations = null
static final int previewSize = 1024 * 16
static final boolean VALIDATE_INPUTS = true

Detailed Description

Main class implementing the multi page editor. In Eclipse 3, we extend FormEditor, which extends in turn MultiPageEditorPart.

Life cycle: Create: An instance of this class is created each time the editor is started on a new resource. Base multipage editor createPartControl calls createPages; FormEditor's impl of createPages calls createToolkit, then calls addPages. FormEditor has field holding the toolkit This class overrides createToolkit to re-use the colors in the plugin. * Dispose: dispose is called. FormEditor impl of dispose disposes of the toolkit.

Superclass (FormEditor) holds vector of pages toolkit (disposed of in FormEditor dispose method) SuperSuperclass (MultiPageEditorPart) holds array of editors (we only have 1 "editor" - the xml source editor - the rest are views into that model / data).

Stale = model (on disk, saved) is ahead of widgets Dirty = widgets are ahead of model <<< NOT USED HERE

Each page of the multipage editor has its own class. ownclass -> HeaderPage -> FormPage (impl IFormPage) has instance of PageForm -> ManagedForm ManagedForm (impl IManagedForm): has instance of ScrolledForm has subparts (IFormPart - which live on the scrolled form) A part can be a section. A part can implement IPartSelectionListener to get selectionChanged(IFormPart, ISelection) calls. initialize() call propagated to all parts. dispose() call propagated to all parts. refresh() propagated to all parts (if part.isStale()) (Not Used) commit() propagated to all parts (if part.isDirty()) setInput() propagated to all parts setFocus() propagated to 1st part (not used) isDirty() propagated to all parts, is true if any are true isStale() propagated to all parts, is true if any are true reflow() delegated to the contained ScrolledForm (not used) fireSelectionChanged(IFormPart, ISelection) - can be used to notify other parts that implement IPartSelectionListener about selection changes

Each page has one or more sections. sectionSpecific -> (AbstractTableSection) -> AbstractSection -> SectionPart -> AbstractFormPart (impl IFormPart, see above)

AbstractFormPart holds back ref to managed form, a dirty and stale bit. Stale = model is ahead of widgets (Not used) Dirty = widgets are ahead of model Stale brought into sync by 'refresh' method. Part notifies containing ManagedForm when Stale/Dirty changes in the part; Part responsible for removing listeners from event providers. IFormPart can receive form input SectionPart adds listeners for expansionStateChang(ed)(ing) expansionStateChanged calls reflow on wrapped form Note: the forms framework Dirty mechanism and the "commit" methods are not used. In its place, the handlers directly update the model, rather than marking Dirty and letting someone call commit.

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