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org::apache::uima::taeconfigurator::editors::ui::HeaderPageWithSash Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 HeaderPageWithSash (MultiPageEditor formEditor, String id, String keyPageTitle)
 HeaderPageWithSash (MultiPageEditor formEditor, String pageTitle)
boolean isCasConsumerDescriptor ()
boolean isCasInitializerDescriptor ()
boolean isCollectionReaderDescriptor ()
boolean isExtResAndBindingsDescriptor ()
boolean isIndexDescriptor ()
boolean isLocalProcessingDescriptor ()
boolean isTypePriorityDescriptor ()
boolean isTypeSystemDescriptor ()
void markStale ()
Composite newCentered2SpanComposite (Composite parent)
Composite newComposite (Composite parent)
Composite newnColumnSection (Composite parent, int cols)
Composite setup1ColumnLayout (IManagedForm managedForm)
Composite setup2ColumnGrid (IManagedForm managedForm, boolean equalWidth)
Form2Panel setup2ColumnLayout (IManagedForm managedForm, int w1, int w2)
Form2Panel setup2ColumnLayout (IManagedForm managedForm, boolean equalWidth)
Form2Panel setup2ColumnLayoutNotSash (IManagedForm managedForm, boolean equalWidth)
Form2Panel setup2ColumnLayoutOn4Grid (IManagedForm managedForm, boolean equalWidth)

Static Public Attributes

final static boolean EQUAL_WIDTH = true

Protected Member Functions

void createToolBarActions (IManagedForm managedForm)
AnalysisEngineMetaData getAnalysisEngineMetaData ()
boolean isAeDescriptor ()
boolean isPrimitive ()
void maybeInitialize (IManagedForm managedForm)
void spacer (Composite container)

Protected Attributes

MultiPageEditor editor
Action haction
Composite leftPanel
float leftPanelPercent
int leftPanelWidth
Composite rightPanel
float rightPanelPercent
int rightPanelWidth
SashForm sashForm
int sashFormWidth
FormToolkit toolkit
Action vaction

Package Functions

void setSashFormWidths ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file HeaderPageWithSash.java.

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