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org::apache::uima::taeconfigurator::editors::ui::TypeImportSection Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

boolean addImports (Object[] locations, boolean isByName)
Import createByNameImport (String fileName)
Import createImport (String fileName, boolean isByName)
Import createLocationImport (String location) throws MalformedURLException
void enable ()
void enableBorders (Composite composite)
String formatName (String name)
AnalysisEngineMetaData getAnalysisEngineMetaData ()
String[] getAvailableTypeNames (Set excluded)
Capability[] getCapabilities ()
String[][] getCapabilitySofaNames ()
ConfigurationParameterDeclarations getConfigurationParameterDeclarations ()
Map getDelegateAnalysisEngineSpecifiersWithImports ()
ExternalResourceBinding[] getExternalResourceBindings ()
ExternalResourceDependency[] getExternalResourceDependencies ()
ExternalResourceDescription[] getExternalResources ()
FeatureDescription getFeature (TypeDescription td, String featureName)
FlowControllerDeclaration getFlowControllerDeclaration ()
ResourceMetaData getMetaDataFromDescription (ResourceSpecifier o)
OperationalProperties getOperationalProperties ()
ResourceManagerConfiguration getResourceManagerConfiguration ()
SofaMapping[] getSofaMappings ()
FormToolkit getToolkit ()
void handleEvent (Event event)
void handleRemove ()
void initialize (IManagedForm form)
boolean isAeDescriptor ()
boolean isAggregate ()
boolean isCasConsumerDescriptor ()
boolean isCasInitializerDescriptor ()
boolean isCollectionReaderDescriptor ()
boolean isExtResAndBindingsDescriptor ()
boolean isFlowControllerDescriptor ()
boolean isIndexDescriptor ()
boolean isLocalProcessingDescriptor ()
boolean isParmGroup ()
boolean isPrimitive ()
boolean isTypePriorityDescriptor ()
boolean isTypeSystemDescriptor ()
void markStale (IFormPart section)
Composite new2ColumnComposite (Composite parent)
Composite new3ColumnComposite (Composite parent)
Composite new4ColumnComposite (Composite parent)
Composite newButtonContainer (Composite parent)
Composite newButtonContainer (Composite parent, int style, int widthMin)
Button newCheckBox (Composite parent, String label, String tip)
Composite newComposite (Composite parent)
Label newLabelWithData (Composite parent, String text)
Label newLabelWithTip (Composite parent, String text, String tip)
Label newLabelWithTip (Composite parent, String text, String tip, int style)
Composite newNcolumnComposite (Composite parent, int cols)
Button newPushButton (Composite parent, String label, String tip)
Button newPushButton (Composite parent, String label, String tip, boolean enabled, int style)
Button newPushButton (Composite parent, String label, String tip, boolean enabled)
Button newRadioButton (Composite parent, String label, String toolTip, boolean selected)
Label newUnUpdatableTextWithTip (Composite parent, String text, String tip)
void packTable (Table table)
void refresh ()
void setFlowControllerDeclaration (FlowControllerDeclaration fcd)
void setMargins (Composite composite, int height, int width)
String[] stringArrayAdd (String[] a, String s)
String[] stringArrayRemove (String[] a, String s)
 TypeImportSection (MultiPageEditor editor, Composite parent)
TypeOrFeature[] typeOrFeatureArrayAdd (TypeOrFeature[] a, TypeOrFeature item)
TypeOrFeature[] typeOrFeatureArrayRemove (TypeOrFeature[] a, TypeOrFeature item)
TypeOrFeature[] typeOrFeatureArrayRemove (TypeOrFeature[] a, String s)

Static Public Member Functions

static String convertNull (String s)
static void copyTableItem (TableItem target, TableItem source)
static void copyTableTreeItem (TableTreeItem target, TableTreeItem source)
static Capability[] getCapabilities (ResourceSpecifier rs)
static FsIndexDescription getFsIndexDescriptionFromTableTreeItem (TableTreeItem item)
static int getIndex (TableItem item)
static int getIndex (TableTreeItem item)
static String getNameSpace (String name)
static String getShortFeatureName (String name)
static String getShortName (String name)
static SofaMapping[] getSofaMappings (MultiPageEditor pEditor)
static String getTypeFromFullFeatureName (String name)
static TypeOrFeature getTypeOrFeature (TypeOrFeature[] a, String name)
static String handleDefaultIndexKind (String indexKind)
static boolean isArrayOrListType (String type)
static boolean isFSArrayOrListType (String type)
static boolean isIndexableRange (String rangeName)
static String maybeShortenFileName (String filePathName)
static XMLizable parseDescriptor (XMLInputSource input) throws InvalidXMLException
static boolean revertOrContinue (String msg, String msgDetails)
static void setToolTipText (Control w, String text)
static void setVnsHostAndPort (String vnsHost, String vnsPort)
static void setVnsHostAndPort (Object descriptor)
static void spacer (Composite container)
static void swapIndexKeys (TableTreeItem itemBelow, int newSelection)
static void swapTableItems (TableItem itemBelow, int newSelection)
static void swapTableTreeItems (TableTreeItem itemBelow, int newSelection)

Public Attributes

MultiPageEditor editor

Static Public Attributes

static final Capability[] capabilityArray0 = new Capability[0]
static final ConfigurationGroup[] configurationGroup0 = new ConfigurationGroup[0]
static final ConfigurationGroup[] configurationGroupArray0 = new ConfigurationGroup[0]
static final
configurationParameter0 = new ConfigurationParameter[0]
static final
configurationParameterArray0 = new ConfigurationParameter[0]
static final boolean ENABLED = true
static final boolean EQUAL_WIDTH = true
static final
externalResourceBinding0 = new ExternalResourceBinding[0]
static final
externalResourceDescription0 = new ExternalResourceDescription[0]
static final FeatureDescription[] featureDescriptionArray0 = new FeatureDescription[0]
static final FsIndexDescription[] fsIndexDescription0 = new FsIndexDescription[0]
final static int HEADER_VISIBLE = 2
static final int HORIZONTAL_BUTTONS = 2
static final String IMPORTABLE_PART_CONTEXT = "ipc"
final static int LINES_VISIBLE = 1
static final NameValuePair[] nameValuePairArray0 = new NameValuePair[0]
final static int NO_MIN_HEIGHT = -1
static final boolean NOT_SELECTED = false
final static int NOTHING_SELECTED = -1
static final String PLUGIN_ID = "org.apache.uima.desceditor"
static final String S_ = ""
static final String S_ADD = "Add..."
static final String S_DESCRIPTION = "Description:"
static final String S_DOWN = "Down"
static final String S_DOWN_TIP = "Click here to move the selected item down by one."
static final String S_EDIT = "Edit..."
static final String S_EDIT_TIP = "Click here to edit the selected item. You can also double-click the item to edit it."
static final String S_EXPORT = "Export..."
static final String S_EXPORT_TIP = "Export to an importable part, and substitute an Import for that part here"
static final String S_REMOVE = "Remove"
static final String S_REMOVE_TIP = "Click here to remove the selected item. You can also use the delete key."
static final String S_UP = "Up"
static final String S_UP_TIP = "Click here to move the selected item up by one."
static final boolean SELECTED = true
static final SofaMapping[] sofaMapping0 = new SofaMapping[0]
static final String[] stringArray0 = new String[0]
static final TreeItem[] treeItemArray0 = new TreeItem[0]
static final TypeDescription[] typeDescription0 = new TypeDescription[0]
static final TypePriorityList[] typePriorityList0 = new TypePriorityList[0]
static final int VERTICAL_BUTTONS = 1
final static int WIDTH_NOT_SPECIFIED = 0

Protected Member Functions

Capability addCapabilitySet ()
void addListenerForPastableWidget (Widget w)
void clearModelBaseValue ()
void exportImportablePart (String xmlStartElement, String partTemplate)
void finishAggregateChangeAction ()
void finishImportChangeAction ()
String getDescriptionForDescriptor (String fileRef, ResourceSpecifier rs)
String getDescriptionFromImport (String source) throws InvalidXMLException, IOException
FsIndexCollection getFsIndexCollection ()
int getItemIndex (TreeItem[] items, TreeItem item)
TypeSystemDescription getMergedTypeSystemDescription ()
Import[] getModelImportArray ()
TreeItem getPreviousSelection (TreeItem[] items, TreeItem nextItem)
TypePriorities getTypePriorities ()
TypeSystemDescription getTypeSystemDescription ()
boolean isAppropriate ()
boolean isValidAe ()
boolean isValidAggregateChange ()
boolean isValidImport (String title, String msg)
void markRestOfPageStale (IManagedForm mform, AbstractSection section)
void markStaleIfDifferent (IFormPart thisOne, IFormPart otherOne)
String multiLineFix (String s)
CCombo newCComboWithTip (Composite parent, String tip)
Text newDescriptionTextBox (Composite parent, String tip)
CCombo newLabeledCComboWithTip (Composite parent, String labelKey, String tip)
Text newLabeledTextField (Composite parent, String label, String tip)
Text newLabeledTextField (Composite parent, String labelKey, String textToolTip, int style)
Table newTable (Composite parent)
Table newTable (Composite parent, int style, int minHeight)
Table newTable (Composite parent, int style, int minHeight, int flags)
TableColumn newTableColumn (Table table)
TableColumn newTableColumn (Table container, int width, int alignment, String header)
TableColumn newTableColumn (Table container, int width)
TableColumn newTableColumn (Table container, String header)
TableTree newTableTree (Composite parent, int style)
Text newTextWithTip (Composite parent, String text, int style, String tip)
Text newTextWithTip (Composite parent, String initialTxt, String tip)
Tree newTree (Composite parent)
String produceUniqueComponentKey (String fileName)
XMLizable readImport (Import imp, String fileName, boolean isImportByName)
void removeChildren (TreeItem item)
void removeChildren (TableTreeItem item)
void requestPopUpOverImport (Import importItem, Control control, Event event)
void revertMsg (String msgTitle, String msgTxt, String exceptionMessage)
void revertTypeSystem (TypeSystemDescription tsd)
void setFileDirty ()
void setModelImportArray (Import[] imports)
PrintWriter setupToPrintFile (String filePath)
String setValueChanged (String newValue, String oldValue)
boolean setValueChangedBoolean (boolean newValue, boolean oldValue)
Boolean setValueChangedCapitalBoolean (Boolean newValue, Boolean oldValue)
int setValueChangedInt (int newValue, int oldValue)
FsIndexKeyDescription[] setValueChangedKeys (FsIndexKeyDescription[] newKeys, FsIndexKeyDescription[] oldKeys)
void showExceptionReadingImportedDescriptor (Exception e)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void enableCtrl (Control c, boolean enabled)
static Set[] getCapabilitySofaNames (ResourceCreationSpecifier rs, String componentKey)
static String parseToFitInToolTips (String text)
static void setButtonSelection (Button c, boolean selected)

Protected Attributes

Button addButton
boolean bDisableToolTipHelp = false
int initialFormWidth
TableItem lastTableHoverItem = null
long lLastTableHoverMillis = -1
String sLastTableHoverHelp = ""
FormToolkit toolkit
boolean valueChanged

Static Protected Attributes

static final long TABLE_HOVER_REQUERY_TIME = 15000

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Package Attributes

Table importTable

Private Attributes

boolean importWasRemoved
CAS savedCAS

Detailed Description

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