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org::apache::uima::taeconfigurator::editors::ui::dialogs::AddRemoteServiceDialog Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::apache::uima::taeconfigurator::editors::ui::dialogs::AddRemoteServiceDialog:
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Collaboration diagram for org::apache::uima::taeconfigurator::editors::ui::dialogs::AddRemoteServiceDialog:
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class  DialogModifyListener
class  DialogVerifyListener

Public Member Functions

 AddRemoteServiceDialog (AbstractSection aSection, String aRootPath)
void copyValuesFromGUI ()
void enableOK ()
boolean getAutoAddToFlow ()
int getHitColumn (TableItem item, Point p)
String getSelectedKey ()
String getSelectedServiceTypeName ()
String getSelectedUri ()
TypesWithNameSpaces getTypeSystemInfoList ()
void handleEvent (Event event)
boolean isValid ()
Composite newButtonContainer (Composite parent)
Button newPushButton (Composite parent, String label, String tip)
void setMessage (String msg)
void setTitle (String title)
void textModifyCallback (Event e)
boolean useQualifiedTypes ()

Static Public Member Functions

static String convertNull (String v)
static String nullIf0lengthString (String v)

Public Attributes

String aeOrCc
String genFilePath
boolean isImportByName
String timeout
String vnsHost
String vnsPort

Static Public Attributes

static final String S_ = ""
static final String S_ADD = "Add..."
static final String S_DESCRIPTION = "Description:"
static final String S_DOWN = "Down"
static final String S_DOWN_TIP = "Click here to move the selected item down by one."
static final String S_EDIT = "Edit..."
static final String S_EDIT_TIP = "Click here to edit the selected item. You can also double-click the item to edit it."
static final String S_EXPORT = "Export..."
static final String S_EXPORT_TIP = "Export to an importable part, and substitute an Import for that part here"
static final String S_REMOVE = "Remove"
static final String S_REMOVE_TIP = "Click here to remove the selected item. You can also use the delete key."
static final String S_UP = "Up"
static final String S_UP_TIP = "Click here to move the selected item up by one."
static final String[] stringArray0 = new String[0]

Protected Member Functions

void buttonPressed (int buttonId)
void configureShell (Shell shell)
Control createButtonBar (Composite c)
void createButtonsForButtonBar (Composite parent)
Control createDialogArea (Composite parent, Object existing)
Control createDialogArea (Composite parent)
Label createWideLabel (Composite parent, String message)
String[] getAllTypesAsSortedArray ()
Composite new2ColumnComposite (Composite parent)
Button newButton (Composite parent, int style, String name, String tip)
CCombo newCCombo (Composite parent, String tip)
Text newDescription (Composite twoCol, String tip)
void newErrorMessage (Composite c)
void newErrorMessage (Composite twoCol, int span)
CCombo newLabeledCCombo (Composite parent, String label, String tip)
Text newLabeledText (Composite parent, int style, String label, String tip)
Text newLabeledTypeInput (AbstractSection aSection, Composite parent, String label, String tip)
Table newTable (Composite parent, int style)
Text newText (Composite parent, int style, String tip)
Tree newTree (Composite parent, int style)
Text newTypeInput (AbstractSection aSection, Composite twoCol)
void setErrorMessage (String msg)
void setTextAndTip (Button c, String label, String tip)
void setTextAndTip (CCombo c, String label, String tip)
void setTextAndTip (Label c, String label, String tip)
void superButtonPressed (int buttonId)
boolean typeContainedInTypeSystemInfoList (String fullTypeName, TypesWithNameSpaces types)

Protected Attributes

String dialogDescription
MultiPageEditor editor
Label errorMessageUI
Button okButton
AbstractSection section
String title

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Private Attributes

CCombo aeOrCcCombo
Button autoAddToFlowButton
Text genFilePathUI
Button importByLocationUI
Button importByNameUI
Text keyText
String keyTextPrev
boolean m_bAutoAddToFlow
DialogModifyListener m_dialogModifyListener = new DialogModifyListener()
String m_selectedKey = null
String m_selectedServiceTypeName = null
String m_selectedUri = null
boolean portNumberIsOK
boolean portNumberWasBad
String rootPath
CCombo serviceTypeCombo
Text timeoutText
Text uriText
Label vnsHostLabel
Text vnsHostUI
Label vnsPortLabel
Text vnsPortUI

Detailed Description

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