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org::apache::uima::test::junit_extension::AnnotatorTester Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 AnnotatorTester (String descFilePath) throws Exception
 AnnotatorTester (File descFile) throws Exception
 AnnotatorTester (String descFilePath, ResourceManager mgr) throws Exception
void changeDelegateParameterSetting (String delegeteKey, String groupName, String paramName, Object paramValue) throws InvalidXMLException, ResourceInitializationException, IOException
void changeParameterSetting (String groupName, String paramName, Object paramValue) throws ResourceConfigurationException
CAS performTest (String text, String language) throws Exception
CAS performTest (CAS cas) throws Exception

Static Public Member Functions

static void checkResult (CAS cas, String[] AnnotationTypes, File refFile, File testFile) throws Exception
static AnalysisEngine doConfigurationTest (String configDescFilePath) throws Exception
static CAS getCASfromXCAS (File tsFile, File xcasFile) throws Exception
static CAS performTest (String descFilePath, String text, String language) throws Exception
static String readFileContent (File file, String encoding) throws Exception

Private Member Functions

void setup () throws Exception

Private Attributes

AnalysisEngine ae
File descFile
ResourceManager mgr

Detailed Description

AnnotatorTester is the helper class to test annotators.

Definition at line 52 of file AnnotatorTester.java.

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