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org::apache::uima::test::junit_extension::PerformanceTestResultImpl Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

TimeSpan getAeCleanupTime ()
String getAeDescFilePath ()
TimeSpan getAeInitTime ()
TimeSpan getAeProcessingTime ()
TimeSpan getAeWarmupTime ()
TimeSpan getDocumentPreparationTime ()
TimeSpan getFileIoTime ()
int getNumberOfCreatedAnnotations ()
int getNumberOfProcessedCharacters ()
int getNumberOfProcessedFiles ()
int getNumberOfRepeatedRuns ()
TimeSpan getOverallTime ()
long getProcessedFileSize ()
String getTestFileDirectoryPath ()
String getUIMADatapath ()
boolean isDoAeWarmup ()
boolean isRepeatSingleMode ()
void setAeDescFilePath (File aeDescFile)
void setCleanupTime (TimeSpan cleanupTime)
void setDatapath (String datapath)
void setDocumentPreparationTime (TimeSpan documentPreparationTime)
void setDoWarmup (boolean doWarmup)
void setInitTime (TimeSpan initTime)
void setIoTime (TimeSpan ioTime)
void setNumberOfCharacters (int numberOfCharacters)
void setNumberOfCreatedAnnotations (int numberOfCreatedAnnotations)
void setNumberOfFiles (int numberOfFiles)
void setNumsToRun (int numsToRun)
void setOverallTime (TimeSpan overallTime)
void setProcessingTime (TimeSpan processingTime)
void setRepeatSingleMode (boolean repeatSingleMode)
void setTestFileDir (File testFileDir)
void setTotalFileSize (long collectionFileSize)
void setWarmupTime (TimeSpan warmupTime)
String toString ()
void writePerfResultsAsColumn (String level, File file) throws Exception

Private Attributes

File aeDescFile = null
TimeSpan cleanupTime = null
long collectionFileSize = 0
String datapath = null
TimeSpan documentPreparationTime = null
boolean doWarmup = false
TimeSpan initTime = null
TimeSpan ioTime = null
int numberOfCharacters = 0
int numberOfCreatedAnnotations = 0
int numberOfFiles = 0
int numsToRun = 1
TimeSpan overallTime = null
TimeSpan processingTime = null
boolean repeatSingleMode = false
File testFileDir = null
TimeSpan warmupTime = null

Static Private Attributes

static String NEWLINE = System.getProperty("line.separator")

Detailed Description

PerformanceTestResultImpl implements the PerformanceTestResult interface and provides the results of a performance test run.

Definition at line 34 of file PerformanceTestResultImpl.java.

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