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org::apache::uima::test::junit_extension::UIMAResultPrinter Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void addError (Test test, Throwable t)
void addFailure (Test test, AssertionFailedError t)
void endTest (Test test)
PrintStream getWriter ()
void printDefect (TestFailure booBoo, int count)
void startTest (Test test)
 UIMAResultPrinter (PrintStream writer, boolean abortOnFail, boolean teeOutputStream)

Protected Member Functions

String elapsedTimeAsString (long runTime)
void printDefectHeader (TestFailure booBoo, int count)
void printDefects (Enumeration booBoos, int count, String type)
void printDefectTrace (TestFailure booBoo)
void printErrors (TestResult result)
void printFailures (TestResult result)
void printFooter (TestResult result)
void printHeader (long runTime)

Private Attributes

boolean abortOnFail
String currentTestClass
boolean currentTestSuccess
int fColumn = 0
PrintStream fWriter
boolean teeOutputStream
int testCounter

Detailed Description

UIMAResultPrinter is a ResultPrinter extension for the JUnit framework.

Definition at line 37 of file UIMAResultPrinter.java.

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