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org::apache::uima::tools::RunAE Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void aborted ()
void batchProcessComplete ()
void collectionProcessComplete ()
void entityProcessComplete (CAS aCas, EntityProcessStatus aStatus)
void initializationComplete ()
void paused ()
void resumed ()
 RunAE (String[] args)

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String[] args)

Package Attributes

int docsProcessed

Private Member Functions

void printUsageMessage ()
boolean processCmdLineArgs (String[] args)

Private Attributes

File aeSpecifierFile = null
String encoding
boolean genProgressMessages = true
File inputDir = null
String language
CollectionProcessingEngine mCPE
File outputDir = null
int statsLevel = 1
boolean xcasInput = false
boolean xLenient = false
boolean xmiInput = false
String xmlTagName = null

Detailed Description

An example application that reads documents from the file system, sends them though an Analysis Engine(AE), and produces XML files with inline annotations. This application uses a CollectionProcessingEngine to drive the processing. For a simpler introduction to using AEs in an application, see ExampleApplication.

Usage: java org.apache.uima.examples.RunAE [OPTIONS] <AE descriptor or JAR file name> <input dir> [<output dir>]

If output dir is not specified, the analysis results will not be output. This can be useful when only interested in performance statistics.


-t <TagName> (XML Text Tag) - specifies the name of an XML tag, found within the input documents, that contains the text to be analyzed. The text will also be detagged. If this option is not specified, the entire document will be processed.
-l <ISO code> (Language) - specifies the ISO code for the language of the input documents. Some AEs (e.g. PersonTitleAnnotator) require this.
-e <Encoding> - specifies character encoding of the input documents. The default is UTF-8.
-q (Quiet) - supresses progress messages that are normally printed as each document is processed.
-s<x> (Stats level) - determines the verboseness of performance statistics. s0=none, s1=brief, s2=full. The default is brief.
-x - process input files as XCAS files.

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