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org::apache::uima::tools::cpm::AnalysisEnginePanel Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void add (JComponent c)
 AnalysisEnginePanel (ResourceSpecifier aeSpecifier, File specifierFile, long fileModStamp)
void clearAll ()
void clearDirty ()
ResourceSpecifier getAnalysisEngineSpecifier ()
long getLastFileSyncTimestamp ()
ResourceMetaData getMetaData ()
int getNrComponents ()
List getValues ()
boolean hasFileChanged (long lastCheck)
boolean isDirty ()
boolean isModified ()
void populate (ResourceMetaData md, CasProcessorConfigurationParameterSettings overrides)
void refreshFromFile () throws InvalidXMLException, IOException
void setEnabled (boolean onOff)
void setLastFileSyncTimestamp (long timestamp)
void setValue (String fieldName, Object fieldValue)

Protected Member Functions

String getCaptionFromName (String name)

Protected Attributes

int componentIndex = 0
JPanel gridBagPanel

Package Attributes

ResourceSpecifier aeSpecifier
ArrayList fieldsList = new ArrayList()
long lastFileSyncTimestamp
ResourceMetaData metaData
JCheckBox shouldRunCheckBox = new JCheckBox((String) null, true)
File specifierFile

Static Private Attributes

static final long serialVersionUID = -5927337001602381195L

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file AnalysisEnginePanel.java.

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